Best XFCE Distro? | LAS | s23e07

Best XFCE Distro? | LAS | s23e07

The three best XFCE distro’s sent in by the audience. We’ll tell you how do they stack up, and where they fall short.

PLUS: Did Intel and AMD just shun Linux with their latest chips? Or is this a Microsoft backed agreement structure designed to block Linux? The truth is out there, and we break it down.

Our ideas for streaming Netflix under Linux, and so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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9 Responses to “Best XFCE Distro? | LAS | s23e07”

  1. Larz Says:

    Airdroid is incredible. I use it all the time, I hate messing with my phone when I want to contact people and Airdroid solves that extremely easy, and surprisingly it doesn’t really bog down your phone much where it’s unusable.

    Also includes SSL so when on public access points you can still stay “secure”.

  2. thrashdude Says:

    @ netflix
    One way we used to use netflix here is with playon ( ) We purchased this some years ago when they had a flat fee special ($20 IIRC).

    Anyways — on our media server which holds all of our files/pictures/music/videos/TV … exported with CIFS and NFS, along with minidlna (to serve upnp).

    To add Netflix support I did the following –
    Run Playon in a very stripped down kvm VM with Windows 2000. djmount ( ) runs outside of the VM, and is able to [i]mount[/i] the playon share, and serve it. I could use XBMC to connect to the remote djmount shares, or mplayer to play the playlist files.

    Honestly though, it’s clunky, and because playon re-encodes the streams, the quality is slightly lower than the native streams.

    In the long run, we went with a WD Live STB, but when you consider that most newer TVs have Netflix built, and/or all the lower cost consumer grade Blu-Ray players, and other dedicated media STB’s, using the above mentioned hodge-podge is only great for those of us that like to tinker.

    By the way guys – great show! Love watching. Glad that you find the time to cover some much in the industry. AND ….. even in an Ubuntu dominated sector, you still find the time to talk about and promote other distros. Kudos to you guys for the execallent work you do.

  3. Rafael Rojas Says:

    A power user knows that forcing an update on archlinux is a really bad idea. Rergardless of the GUI frontend.

    Well, forcing updates on any distro/package manager is a bad idea.

    Maybe has something to do with the recent archlinux migration to systemd, some of those arch based distros are having a bad time getting ahead with this changes.

    But anyway, nice review of the XFCE based distros, is nice to see XFCE getting some attention

  4. GeorgeFromTulsa Says:

    I just tried to run Netflix in the latest Chromium OS installed in the latest Virtual Box on a MacBook Air. Netflix let me in my account, but delivered a BLACK SCREEN with a message the player isn’t installed. Netflix works great on my Google I/O Chromebox. I presume the result would be the same dead end on a VM in Linux, but worth a try, I suppose.

  5. Pedo Bear Says:

    You guys should really consider doing a review of Lubuntu and playing around with it. I feel a majority of the Linux community just hasn’t gotten to playing around with a solid LXDE/Openbox distro and seeing just how fast, functional, pretty and stable it is. It is my #1 choice as a power user because of script integration with menus and the amazing file manager that is PCManFM which by far is a much file manager than anything out there. If you don’t believe me try it out yourself to see what I mean.

  6. Matt Hartley Says:

    I have Xubuntu installed, with the PC sitting next to it running Lubuntu. It’s not bad, but I am likely going to go with other implementations of LXDE. It’s not as fast as other LXDE based distros I’ve tried. :)

  7. Shannon Odam Says:

    I really liked your review on Voyager. I have been distro hopping for some time. Ubuntu (until they switched to Unity) then Arch then Mint. I installed Voyager a couple of days ago and I am really liking it. I think this is going to be my distro, if it can handle dual monitors. Thanks guys and keep up the great shows.

  8. Jason Says:

    I don’t really agree with this. Some people just might want to see what Gentoo is about. They might want to watch Chris and Matt use Portage and USE flags and give their impressions of the distro. That doesn’t mean they want to spend the time installing it for themselves. It’s arguably the most complicated linux installation after LFS so I could definitely understand if they didn’t want to do that. And if the option is reading the Gentoo handbook or watching an episode of the Linux Action Show, I’d choose the LAS every time.

  9. Charles Lanman Says:

    do a review on peppermint OS Three!

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