Ubuntu 12.10 Review | LAS | s24e01

Ubuntu 12.10 Review | LAS | s24e01

It’s our review of Ubuntu 12.10, we explain our love hate relationship with Canonical’s latest release. Plus the new tricks under the hood introduced in Quantal Quetzal, and if this a “must” upgrade, or a must pass. Tune in to find out!

Plus: We’ll explain Kernel team’s Brew HaHa! with Nvidia this week, the Linux Foundations workaround for SecureBoot, some big changes for Arch users…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Ubuntu 12.10 Review:


Brought to you by: System76

  • I still find myself finding a lot of time tweaking my Ubuntu 12.10 install. However I am now tweaking different things. Less theme stuff, and more changing defaults and adding my preferred apps over Ubuntu’s default choices (Chrome, Geary, Dropbox, Pidgin, etc). None of this is hard to do, in fact Ubuntu feels almost as well supported as Windows these days from the software vendors I follow.

  • As Ubuntu gets more and more polished, I would love to see a day when only simple user preferences need to be tweaked.

  • Quantal includes the 3.5.0–15.23 Ubuntu Linux kernel which was based on the v3.5.4 upstream Linux kernel.

  • Unity Previews

  • Revamped Update Manager

  • Online account and Web service desktop integration.

  • Unity Previews

  • Unity Shopping Lens
    • This needs to be user selectable. Maybe I’d rather have my “More suggestions” search be Google, or twitter. They should allow the user to select which “More suggestions” search is used in the home lens.
  • Nautilus 3.4.2 file manager. This is not the newest version of Nautilus.

  • Amazon inclusion in Unity.

  • Unity 2D Removed from Ubuntu 12.10

  • Ubuntu 12.10 Drops Unity 2D Desktop

  • 10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

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17 Responses to “Ubuntu 12.10 Review | LAS | s24e01”

  1. logen Says:

    Regarding secure boot crap, why not just have people disable it? If you rock linux and can’t handle a small bios tweak…

  2. ChrisLAS Says:

    I think the worry is, the distro vendors want even the most basic user able to boot a CD and install.


  3. Polyphony Says:

    It makes me sick that Windows would see the potential that Linux has as a desktop OS and create some workaround just so they can have more money… I wish that I could buy a laptop without anything on the HDD. That way I wouldn’t have to pay for a computer + the micro$oft tax that comes with it. I understand that system76 is doing a wonderful job at providing ubuntu preloaded laptops, but personaly I like going to a store and actually test driving the laptop before I buy it.

  4. bmullan Says:

    appreciated your ubuntu 12.10. the removal of Unity 2d might actually have something to do with the coming of Wayland in the 13.04 release next april. I may be wrong but I think Waylands going to require a bit more of a modern graphics capability that older machines lack. Unity 2d was primarily there for the older pc’s with older graphics. So if those Wayland is coming then why spend developer time/money on Unity2d ?

  5. bmullan Says:

    just curious but does UEFI have any affect on virtualbox, kvm etc?

  6. Kevin Bessey Says:

    Hey Chris love the show and am also testing 12.10 with similar thoughts to yours, but, very big problem I’m noticing: I use an old system running 12.04 as my home server which has all my movies/pictures/docs etc at home, and we use samba at work as well. It works great in 12.04 and I love it b/c it keeps my desktop peppy for the large collaborative docs and what I’ve noticed is UNITY DOES NOT SEARCH ANY REMOTE (NON-LOCAL) PLACES UNLESS THE SMB IS MOUNTED TO /media. so for me (and I don’t think I’m alone) the big drawback is that smbfs has been replaced in 12.10 by cifs-utils which does not work yet for mounting my network to /media/share so …
    Just wondering if you could cover that in your home server review coming up – How to keep unity search (docs/music/video) in the dash over a network. (hey if they are going to go to all that work in searching amazon, don’t you think I’d rather search my network share first?)
    I’m even willing to change the os the files are held on (I recently used openfiler but didn’t enjoy it), but I love just keeping it simple and easy.
    Any help here would be great. Truth is I can’t even test unity in 12.10 properly b/c I keep all docs/pics/music/video in network.

    Thanks Chris
    Peace from the North

  7. ChrisLAS Says:

    This is really interesting, and probably something I should play with!

    Thanks for passing it along,

  8. Lee Seymour Says:

    Yo, ma dawg Chris! Digging tha hoodie! Suits you sir. ~ fleamour (UK.)

  9. Big fan Says:

    I like Matt. His comments are spot on both on political and technical matters. And Chris you rock as usual. LAS has become very informative. A must watch for anyone interested in Linux. Thanks guys!

  10. awrhesherhjnrtjd Says:

    1:08:03 – It’s “Make tech easier”, not “Mac-a-chaser”.

  11. Exeleration-G Says:

    Lol! Noticed that too!

  12. Sam Ward Says:

    matt and chris you guys have the most important job in the world. allowing me to enjoy linux while reclining in my chair and not doing a thing. problem is… i just found you guys…uuuhhh how is that a problem you might ask? well now I have an insane amount of back episodes to catch up on. thanks! — sam out

  13. Pinguy Says:

    Getting banned From IRC.

    Really not happy with rikai. He banned me from the IRC for talking about an CDN.

    Chat log: http://pastebin.com/U1CzY70B Did I deserve getting banned?????

  14. Matt Hartley Says:

    Dunno, I’m thinking that Mac-a-chaser might actually have a nice ring to it. 😉 An upvote for you — good ears!

  15. Matt Hartley Says:

    Just a quick shout out to the viewers — thanks so much for the great comments — you guys make it worthwhile! :)

  16. GuiMaster Says:

    Please Matt, quit deceiving people by saying that “it’s in development,” as though it’s going to get better in the future. Mark Shuttleworth knew ahead of time that his planned implementation would cause a major controversy. He’s not a fool. However, knowing the reaction he would get didn’t discourage him. He’s the billionaire and he knows best and to hell with everyone else. That mentality is going to ruin Ubuntu in the long run. Expect more and more of this annoying integration in subsequent versions to continue until they have no users left and Shuttleworth finally gives up on the project.

  17. Mohan Says:

    I was for the first time since using Ubuntu as my primary OS (since Ubuntu 5.06) I was going to stick with Ubuntu 12.04. But I really wanted to see what 12.10 was all about so I decided to dist-update on my notebook as I do not use for school work any more and I really like it. My everyday desktop will run 12.04 for sometime, but I really liking 12.10 and I can see myself using it more and more. 12.10’s theme is top notch and the fonts just pop out. Not too much of a fan of the Amazon integration but that’s a minor grip for me.

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