Lightworks Preview | LAS | s24e04

Lightworks Preview | LAS | s24e04

We’ve got an exclusive look at Lightworks, one of the most anticipated software launches in desktop Linux history. We’ll share our first thoughts on how this award winning video editor is shaping up.

Plus some good news for those of you not running Ubuntu but still want some Steam, and some highlight clips from the Ubuntu Developer Summit that just wrapped up.

You’ll hear straight from the horse’s mouth why Valve is supporting Linux, how closely Canonical is working with Valve, and why Ubuntu is dropping Alpha’s and a beta!

Then we top that off with some gaming news, Fedora’s challenges, and the climax of the EXT4 corruption drama.


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Lightworks for Linux Preview:


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+Fedora 18 Is Challenged By Yet Another Delay
+ he Top Features Of Fedora 18 “Spherical Cow”


Proxmox or Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 next week?

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14 Responses to “Lightworks Preview | LAS | s24e04”

  1. Martin de Boer Says:

    I tried Pear Linux 6 on Virtualbox and got the weird black bar on the right of the screen. Haven’t found a way to solve this problem. But I do like Pear (also predecessors) so wait a little and review it in ~ 1 or 2 months.

  2. Michal Parusinski Says:

    It seems that one needs an invite to join de Jupiter Broadcasting Steam group. Is there any way for me to get an invite?

  3. Robert Walker Says:


    RE: the User Multi-boot Question…

    I run mega multi-boot Linux systems (including Windows 7) – with 5+ Linux distros. In fact I am currently setting up a box with around 20 (!!) root partitions (GPT format with fake header). The trick is pick a reliable distro for partition 1. For each new distro I tell it to install Grub to the root partition for that distro (and not the MBR).

    Then it is just a case of going into Chakra or Ubuntu (which have an active Grub boot-loader) and running grub update. If the Grub OS-prober utility doesn’t do a good job of creating a standard Grub entry for the new distro (note: not a chainloader entry – only required for a Windows partition – a standard grub loader entry)… Then I get down ‘n’ dirty with my grub.cfg file. I can either copy options from the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file in the partition of the new distro or manually tweak the boot options… It definately helps if the new distro has a similar version of Grub installed – to the main Grub boot partition…

    Grub 2.x has some nice themes – to which I can add all my distro icons – works a treat! Easy to wade through a list of many distros!

    Also NEVER even recommend to use /dev/ references to partitions – blkid / UUID ftw! Drive mappings move around according the BIOS detection squence after all…

    Grreat show as always!!


  4. RetroFitted Says:

    Where is Bryan? It has been a long time since I was able to catch the show.

  5. max999 Says:

    Hi Guys!

    How about next week you do a show about “Proxmox”. Then the following week a show on “Two weeks with Ubuntu on a Nexus 7”. Just a suggestion!


  6. Florent Thiery Says:

    Hey guys, UbiCast here, thanks a lot for mentioning us on the LAS !

  7. Lukasz Dudek Says:

    OMG! Ubuntu!

    “Reddit Users Bypass Steam Linux Beta Invitations”

    Not sure to be happy or not about it, cause I’m not sure what Valve reaction will be, but it happened anyway. Great show Chris & Matt.

  8. Kyle T. Says:

    He retired from the show:

    Matt is the new co-host of the show. There has been some talk of Bryan coming in to do Linux predictions for next year, but nothing for certain. Anyhow, I for one think the show is different but definitely still worth watching!

  9. Kevin Parrish Says:

    Hey Clem if you’re reading these comments hit me up about owncloud. I just recently got it running on my home server and I’m not an expert but it seems to work. It’s hard to find data in one place on getting a whole home server set up so I understand your pain lol.

  10. koala Says:

    Hi Chris and Matt:

    In reference to the boot loader question, just install this on any of the installed Linux distributions, and it will automatically configure everything for you, and easily allow you to customize it (default system, time limit, colors, backgrounds etc…).

    Also, in regards to, I am installed it from the PPA to a system with 4 tb drives configured as a raidz1 and it works like a charm. No problems at all, and it is a production environment. Would strongly recommend it to anyone. Very fast.

  11. koala Says:

    Sorry, forgot to post the link to the Grub customizer:

  12. Tak Suyama Says:

    Does anybody know if GoDaddy allows you to run an ownCloud server?

  13. Michael Hazell Says:

    I’m not sure why everyone wants to take advantage of something that is still in beta.

  14. Black Says:

    Pear Linux is Ubuntu with some elements from Elementary OS added in and tweaked just a bit. The App store that seems so cool is the one derived from Deepin Linux.

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