Toked the Vote | Unfilter 26

Toked the Vote | Unfilter 26

Is the will of the people in Colorado and Washington enough to end over 70 years of prohibition? Now that this historic vote has been cast, we examine what lies ahead on the path of Cannabis legalization.

Plus: We sift through the fallout surrounding the flash resignation of General Petraeus, the head of the CIA, the others pulled down with him, how cyber surveillance was played a key role, and the big story the media is ignoring.

Then in ACT3: It\’s your feedback, our follow up and a heck of alot more in this week\’s episode of… Unfilter!

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ACT TWO: Toked the Vote


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6 Responses to “Toked the Vote | Unfilter 26”

  1. Sean Newboy Says:

    The whole hypocrisy of the drug war is just so stupid.

    Loved the show.

  2. Zek The Penguin Says:

    What happened to the other two Unfiltered hosts?

  3. ChrisLAS Says:

    We cover that in episode 20 or 21 I believe. We paired down to just two hosts.

  4. gammageisli Says:

    Hi Chris. I like your shows. I would like to point out some medical literature about cannabis usage. Many thanks.

    Publication Journal : Psychological Medicine / Volume 42 / Issue 06 / June 2012, pp 1321-1328

    Title : Cannabis, schizophrenia and other non-affective psychoses: 35 years of follow-up of a population-based cohort

    Authors : E. Manrique-Garcia, S. Zammit, C. Dalman, T. Hemmingsson, S. Andreasson and P. Allebeck

    URL for abstract :

  5. Sam Ward Says:

    could you please let me know what the opening theme’s band and song is. it’s awesome. not sure if it was purchased by you guys or is an actual song title. oh and huge show by the way!

  6. franzkafka Says:

    What are the odds? Something that contradicts the leftist agenda is ignored! This is the whole issue with the unFiltered… there’s an agenda that’s not related to truth or open discussion. No different from a Fox News or other politically motivated blogs / sites / shows… inconvenient truths are ignored if they don’t favor the agenda.

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