Ubuntu Store Concerns | The Linux Action Show! s13e09

Ubuntu Store Concerns | The Linux Action Show! s13e09

The Internet tells us openGL is dead, but is it all blown out of proportion? Mandriva’s back in the news and we’ve got the low down on their future plans!

THEN – we kick of an ACTION investigation into the Ubuntu Software Center, and we’ve got some major concerns – brace your selves!

All this week on The Linux Action Show!

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This Week’s Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Amazon  Web Services, runs Linux
Android Pick:
Call Block Unlimited

The Android Pick List!

Direct3D 10 and 11 API now natively supported by Linux via Gallium3D
Mandriva: We’re not dead – The H Open Source: News and Features

(Not dead yet video)

Seabird – Mind Blowing Mobile Phone Concept
Adobe Releases New 64-Bit Flash Plugin For Linux

(How to install Flash manually)


9 Responses to “Ubuntu Store Concerns | The Linux Action Show! s13e09”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    lol how he says its an emulator and you can see it says “no emulation involved”. they’ll have to call it GINE now

  2. Anonymous Says:

    even if directx now runs on linux, openGL is still superior. the only advantage of X is it runs on (direct)xbox

  3. Jimbo Says:

    Bryan got a really good hair transplant. All for it

  4. Greatstuff Says:

    Commercial Linux Applications -> http://lin-app.com/

  5. Randall Says:

    you really should do more then just ubuntu. not everyone likes that distro and you really should be more open minded when it comes to linux. fedora redhat funded has put tons and tons in to linux 2000% more then ubuntu has. I love you guys but you really should be more open minded whenit comes to linux.

  6. Flimm Says:

    You should talk about your experiences with the Ubuntu “software centre store” on your blog, Bryan. I’d rather you hit slashdot ten days before release than some Linux hater on the day of release. Don’t worry about being unfair to Canonical in the timing: like you said: they should have published a press release about it a month ago.

  7. Mukitu Says:

    Man, you are both so right. Don’t get this store out in the wild until it’s ready! Especially since it’s Canonical. And one app is really sad.

    I’m really interested on your opinion of Arch. Even though I don’t want to infect your judgment but I have to say I hated it. I used it for almost a year and it didn’t get better. Once you set it up it was working quite slick but bigger updates (kernel, Xorg, drivers or KDE ) it totally kicked my machine and I had to work on it for the next three days to get it working again. Maybe I’m not born for Arch but from my point of few it totally sucks.
    The Idea is great. I also like the idea of AUR (even though it doesn’t always work) but after all I would never use it again. At least not on my main computer.

    Maybe you come to a different conclusion. That’s why I’m so excited.

  8. dividebyzero Says:

    I liked it that you gave Jono a hard time. :)

  9. me262 Says:

    So if you have had an AMI server, would you call it MyAMI ?

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