Linux Hits the FAN | LAS | s24e10

Linux Hits the FAN | LAS | s24e10

Monitor the end of the world from your Linux box. This week, we’ll show you how easy it can be to setup fully automated monitoring using Nagios and some easy to use front-end tools.

Plus Mozilla’s big online gaming play, XBMC on Android, and Microsoft’s real market share.

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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11 Responses to “Linux Hits the FAN | LAS | s24e10”

  1. giantrobotQ Says:

    say fellas, you may want to add some audio to this video

  2. ChrisLAS Says:

    I think we have some issues with playback in Chrome right now. I’m re-encoding to see if that fixed it!

  3. bmullan Says:

    This hasn’t been talked about on Linux Action Show yet… but I’d try to squeeze in a short discussion of the huge impact WebRTC (Web real time communication) is going to have on the Internet.

    Google opensourced it earlier this year and it is on fire with people developing use-cases for it ranging from 1:1 or 1:many web conferencing, vastly improved video/audio streaming etc. – just released their open-source “server-side” component for linux/windows/mac

    another great blog site & writeup is at:

  4. Michael Tunnell Says:

    Chris, in the video apology for the missing end of show you said that the audio recording worked but that wouldn’t make for a good video podcast.

    I decided to download the MP3 version to listen to what was missed but it was only an MP3 version of the video. Why didn’t you provide the audio that recorded all of it since it worked?

    I don’t mind listening to the audio version if the video version is unavailable, though I certainly prefer the video version.

  5. Iamoverrated Says:

    About memtest86+,  you should run it multiple times; you can get false positives and there are tons of other factors to consider.   A bad memory controller located on a motherboard chipset (older technology) or on the CPU itself could be the culprit; a bad slot; bad settings (timings, etc.); corrupted media that you’re running the test from can also cause issues.  These are just a few areas that can affect the outcome of the test.  It’s always best to run multiple tests from multiple sources, remember in science we don’t go by the results of a single test or a single set of tests, we have rigor.  If after running the program several times you see inconsistencies then more than likely you have a problem.  This usually isn’t a concern in the desktop sector where RAM is cheap and there’s no need for ECC but in the enterprise / server sector when you’re dealing with mass quantities of specialty memory that can cost on average twice as much as their desktop counterparts you can see the need to run memtest86+ for hours on end to diagnosis certain issues. 

  6. David Plassmann Says:

    I find it ironic that the end of the show might have been saved if you had nagios monitor the stream 😉

    Still a great show though :)

  7. Jon Fullmer Says:

    I’ll be the jerk who mentions this. Chris, I believe it’s nah-GHEE-os (hard “g”, as in “geese”).

  8. ZekThePenguin Says:

    You mentioned a show just for mail…. Why not do a show called “The Mail Room” where you field emails from all the shows? Kinda like a reader letter section in a magazine. It would generate more awareness of all of JB’s shows and provide you with an opportunity to be all about the mail you get.

  9. BlackPollution Says:

    Appearently some of the GoDaddy codes you have are REGION LOCKED, meaning that for Europeans, you cannot use them and the order is simply… refused.
    Please check with GoDaddy and list any such blockages in the future.

  10. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    The Facebook link in the show notes is wrong.

  11. Forrest Guyton Says:

    as far as the android picks go, i would like to bring the Scriping Layer for Android to your attention, it is a great interpreter that gives you access to the android API calls and allows you to write scripts for android in a bunch of differant langueges

    “God is more important than Linux”???????

    I could not disagree more.

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