Google Docs Alternative | LAS | s25e06

Google Docs Alternative | LAS | s25e06

Google Docs has some powerful features, collaborative editing being chief among them. This week we’ll show you why Etherpad Lite is more than just multiplayer notepad.

Plus why Valve’s Gabe Newell thinks Apple might be a big threat, the major new feature landing in Ubuntu 13.04, and the tasty gift Google gave to some UK schools!


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Up front: This is really focused on Google Docs’ collaborative features. As I have found these to be particularly a powerful competitive advantage of Google Docs. If you haven’t tried it, try it during your next meeting, or brainstorming session, or maybe just grocery shop list making from separate rooms. TRY IT!

First launched in November 2008, the software was acquired by Google in December 2009 and released as open source later that month. Several services now use the Etherpad software, including PiratePad, Telecomix Pad, Framapad, Mozilla Pad (MoPad), PrimaryPad,,, TitanPad and Further development is coordinated by the Etherpad Foundation.

Etherpad Lite is an almost complete rewrite of the original Etherpad software, based on different technical foundations and written by different authors. While the original Etherpad is written in Scala and has quite big system requirements, Etherpad Lite is written in server-side JavaScript using node.js. The original realtime synchronization library (called Easysync) remains the same.

Apache License version 2.0 on December 17, 2009.


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  • npm
  • Uncomment and change admin pw in settings.json

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Next Week: Podcasting and Skype Recording under Linux!

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  1. LeonBo Says:

    Not a BIG! show but it was _cram_ packed with content. Great news about another sponsor!

  2. Rewarp Says:

    So buried the hatchet with Linux Outlaws eh? Thanks for the Etherpad recommendation. I will definitely try it out this week during a meeting.

  3. wheim Says:

    When trying to use linux295 I ran into a problem, and queried GoDaddy support. This is the answer I recieved:

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    Same story with tech295.

  4. Rakemup Says:

    GoDaddy code “47off2”  apparently does not work for domain renewals 

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    and from GoDaddy —–

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  6. Magnum164 Says:

    Ya I can’t get any of the godaddy codes to work also. Good show keep up the good work

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