openSUSE: Ubuntu Killer? | LAS | s26e02

openSUSE: Ubuntu Killer? | LAS | s26e02

It’s our review of openSUSE 12.3. Is this powerful distribution an island of refuge for Ubuntu defectors? And we’ll discuss how openSUSE stands on it’s own, as a distribution with a rich legacy that’s following it’s own path to the future. But are there a few bumps along this journey?

Plus: Some desktop replacements for Google Reader, support for Wayland builds, your emails…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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openSUSE 12.3 Review:


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The Power of the Build Service

Rolling, the Right Way

Top Tier Messaging – Can it attract new users?

A Traditional Distro

  • A DVD install only disk, with all the DE choices.
  • Release notes full of info.
  • Feels very much like the best traditional aspects of a grand release, in sensible delivery and context.

Bumps and Bruises


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One major piece I will be tackling is making sure we in the Red Hat desktop team work even closer with the Fedora community to bring forth some great improvements to Fedora and created an even more integrated and seamless experience for those wanting to use the Fedora desktop. This ranges from working with the Fedora team on a new software installer to working on getting Wayland ready for deployment in Fedora.


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32 Responses to “openSUSE: Ubuntu Killer? | LAS | s26e02”

  1. garegin Says:

    i love the new theming that opensuse 12.3 has. its the same across both kde and gnome. ill give it a year until they switch to wayland.

  2. VoodooSyxx Says:

    I’m not sure how you attempted to install ffmpeg, but it’s in the Packman repo and installs just fine on 12.3.

  3. Cody Smith Says:

    if everyone is recommending Firefox, I’ll say try Opera. not as extensible, but more feature rich than even Chrome out of the box, a lot of the features Opera has built-in Chrome only has as an Addon, and some features Opera has aren’t even available to Firefox/Chrome (even via addons), such as a built-in IRC client.

  4. Matt Hartley Says:

    I’ve run some updates and I’m going to try again. I was installing it via the software site, during my tests. Not a deal breaker, just a thing I’d be careful of in the future. :)

  5. georgezilla Says:

    Lol. Even when you review a different distro, in this case openSuSE, it always has to be about Ubuntu.

    This is still the Ubuntu Action Show. You can deny it all you like.

  6. georgezilla Says:

    Careful? Using a disrtos software/package manager is now something to be careful about? Huh.

    Don’t blame ignorance and laziness on the distro. Nor your lack of preparation or honesty. Your disdain for anything not Ubuntu is quiet evident.

  7. ChrisLAS Says:

    The titles are voted on by the live stream. If you watched live, you’d know i did not even realize we’d have a title with Ubuntu in it at first.

    Your looking way too far into it man, and that’s kinda adorable :)

  8. VoodooSyxx Says:

    Cool. One thing to keep in mind with is that some repos are official, some are semi-official, and some are one man shows. The Packman repo has been around long enough that even though it’s not “official” it might as well be. I’d trust most anything in that repo to work, and not douche up your system.

  9. Matt Hartley Says:

    Exactly what I’ve found out for myself, VoodooSyxx. Seems to be mostly a hit, with a couple of hiccups along the way. I’m going to be spending some more time with it over the course of the week.

    Overall, I’m digging it. :)

  10. Matt Hartley Says:

    I’m still feeling my way about it myself garegin, but, it’s really starting to grow on me. As for the Wayland stuff, yeah, in a year, I’ll be revisiting it. :)

  11. Matt Hartley Says:

    I may take you up on that challenge, Cody. I’ve been devoid of Opera for so long, it may be time to revisit it yet again just for giggles.

  12. Padfoot Says:

    I find it quite amusing how you guys keep mentioning how you love Ubuntu’s PPA system for accessing more up to date software and software not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Personally I find it cumbersome for the fact that you have to add a PPA for every bit of “non-standard Ubuntu” software. Imagine the mess (and borked systems) this can lead to come a dist-update, plus having to maintain all those different PPA’s.

    Personally, I think something along the lines of Arch’s AUR system is a much better way to go. Everything “non-standard Arch” is all in the one place, and you have the option of building them all manually, or using an AUR helper (yaourt for example) to automate the process for you (along with official repo updates).

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Ubuntu may actually be one of the few major distros that does not have a single central repository for community maintained non-standard packages.


  13. Matt Hartley Says:

    Upvote for intriguing feedback, Padfoot. I’d need more time with Arch, or more likely based on my schedule, a reliable Arch derivative. But what you said makes sense, great points.

  14. Robert Scott Says:

    Kali!! Review! Review! In depth for us would be PEN testers

  15. sfantu Says:

    :)) … it hurts doesn’t it?

  16. Cynic Says:

    Come on, guys. Let’s stop with this misconceptions.

    Mir is not “lighting fire under anyone’s ass”. Every major toolkit was developing support for Wayland previous to Mir’s announcement and developing it in mainline. Most of it is ready now! Wayland 1.0 with a stable API was only released in Oct 2012, you can’t expect official support before that.
    The only thing that’s changed is Canonical’s public position on Wayland.

    Enligntenment, KDE, Gnome, RedHat, GTK, Qt,, are just restating their positions and some of them positioning against Mir.

    And, Matt, Mir is developed by a single stakeholder licensed under GPLv3 and CLA( No one is going to back that up.

    Sock monkey!

  17. Fernando Andrade Says:

    I would like to watch someone in a monkey suit in this show so i
    would like to propose a little line in these challenge, it can be
    accepted or not of course, and it is:

    -If Matt wins Chriss uses the suit. 😀

    come on people it would be great on the viewer perspective at least XD

  18. Matt Hartley Says:

    Can’t say I disagree! lol

  19. Matt Hartley Says:


    Just going to drop this right here. And while this is good, I still have to get a non-Ubuntu, non-Arch distro to adopt as well. So it may be Sock Monkey time! lol

  20. Cynic Says:

    No luck with Arch too.


  21. Nikkelbarg Says:

    i just dont get how other countries can have such a low ”amount” of internet on phone-plans, i live in denmark and for around 30$ a month i get 11GB and 11 hours and free text and mms

  22. Kevin Adler Says:

    I’m a long-time openSUSE (since SuSE 8.0), so I realized right away why you were having issues with ffmpeg. Here’s an explanation: Also, more information about restricted formats:

    Basically, anything that could cause the openSUSE project legal troubles, they don’t allow in the open build service. This is a long-standing policy. I don’t want to come off as an openSUSE apologist, but just provide an explanation. As VoodooSyxx said, ffmpeg is provided in the Packman repository, which is kind of a legacy repository where users could get a lot of extra packages that SUSE didn’t ship, back before OBS. Now, it still has a bunch of other packages, but is mostly used for providing software that openSUSE won’t ship or modifies to quell potential legal issues.

    It’s an unfortunate reality that openSUSE can’t ship things like proprietary graphics drivers and software patented code, due to being connected to a US-based company. Canonical, being based out of the UK, doesn’t have to worry about that or doesn’t care, which can give their users a better experience. Personally, I’d love to see software patents go away and end all this nonsense.

    TL;DR has a good tutorial and 1-Click Install for restricted codecs and software (such as ffmpeg).

  23. Guest Says:


  24. nilcam Says:

    Were you using 64-bit OpenSuse for the review?

  25. Lee Seymour Says:

    Thanks to you guys I am now running SUSE 12.3 KDE on my laptop! Read about here;


  26. Padfoot Says:

    How is this for co-incidence. Illustrates my point that the PPA system is really not that useful in it’s current form:

  27. Matt Hartley Says:

    Cool, thanks for the share — figured there was an easy fix.

  28. Ruscour Says:

    A simple Ctrl-S in Chromium saves the .ymp file after it just opens in text in the browser. I don’t even know how that happens, that it opens as soon as it’s saved, but there you go. It’s a minor extra step compared to the Firefox integration, but still saves adding the repo or installing the RPM.

  29. georgezilla Says:

    ” … Even one of my favorite video podcasts, the Linux Action Show, has become very Ubuntu-centric … ”

    From Issue #70 (Feb 2013) of Full Circle Magazine in an article written by Robert Boudreau.

    Seems someone else agrees with me.

    Huh. Imagine that.

  30. georgezilla Says:

    No. No, it doesn’t. 😛

  31. tarheel1217 Says:

    can we stop beating the ubuntu drum for just a bit i realize ubuntu is installed on a majority of desktops but if you dont enlighten them to all the open source universe you are subtituting
    one os for another maybe do a different linux distro once a month or atleast mentioning other os without being a public relations dept for canonical

  32. Danny Nunez Says:

    I just switched to openSuse from Ubunutu. Lighting fast

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