Linux Gaming Picks | Linux Action Show | s14e05

Linux Gaming Picks | Linux Action Show | s14e05

We unload a war chest of Linux games, and discuss our favorites! PLUS we cover our best tricks to get your favorite Windows games to run under Linux.

THEN – We’ve got a Boxee box and give you our first impressions, and so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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This Week’s Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Chris’ Boxee Box Runs Linux, full review soon!

Android Pick:
SwiftKey (Appbrain link)

Linux Mint 10 gains new theme, menu system
Kinect Already Hacked, Linux Driver Released
FSF: Linux Kernel Is Torvalds’ ‘Bait and Switch’
Take your freedom back, with Linux-2.6.33-libre
Fedora likes Wayland Too


0 A.D.

Xonotic – Nexuiz fork (not yet playable, keep an eye on this one tho)

Sent in by Jupiter Colony user Leszek host of a german linux gaming podcast (
Beyond the Red Line (YouTube video)

Vendetta Online

Free, but not OSS:
Savage 2:
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


Awesome Notes:
Another mention for PenguSpy, great Linux games directory
From last week’s episode:, by Matt Streuli

Bordeaux –


12 Responses to “Linux Gaming Picks | Linux Action Show | s14e05”

  1. Guest Says:

    ohhhh man emulators on the boxee needs to happen

  2. Mark Henrick Says:

    lifehacker coincidently (it was a coincidence, i checked with the editor) also made an arch tutorial i had to tell them what las is

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Did you ask the author about the many other “coincidences” they have posted? The arch thing is not the first time an article magically appeared on lifehacker mirroring something from the LAS. Especially the android picks.

  4. Michael Stephenson Says:

    “It’s got a lot of value for $200″Agreed, but does it have a lot of value for $320 which is what we Brits will be charged for it?
    Especially considering most of the cool online video stuff isn’t available for the UK.
    This ripping off of Europeans is getting really tired, Fuck D-Link.

  5. Mark Henrick Says:

    yeah, living in the uk i see stuff on lifehacker/gizmodo like ‘something hulu something’ (or google voice, which is very cool) and think ‘OMG why does the UK have none of these services!?’

  6. lazyninja Says:

    i get my paninis at the linux caffe. no yelling required…

  7. Felix Albrecht Says:

    Guys, your youtube link links to s14e04, not e05. Nevertheless, awesome show!

  8. Jonathan Heslop Says:

    The US does not get Spotify, we do :)

  9. Mohan Says:

    For Ubuntu users like me the OMG Ubuntu peeps have a good site called Ubuntu Gamer

  10. Whitson Gordon Says:

    Hey, Lifehacker Editor here. It’s true, I didn’t know about LAS until my Arch post. I’ve added a link to the end of the article out of courtesy, and since I thought their review really was fantastic–but it really, really was just a coincidence. I don’t know about any other Android picks (I think Kevin Purdy periodically watches LAS), but we don’t mess around with credit–if we find out about something from another blog, we link to them. Every time. Mistakes happen, but not often. I’d be willing to bet *someone* was credited in the Android posts you’re referring to–just not LAS. Once word gets out about an app, it travels fast–it’s likely that if LAS finds it first, other blogs like Andronica might pick it up and then we get it from them, or some other such train. Rarely do we claim that we “discovered” an app–the only times we don’t post a via link or a shout out to a reader (in the case that a reader tippped us off–which, by the way, they could have found out about it from LAS and tipped us off without crediting LAS) is usually when the developers themselves send us an email telling us about their app. I assure you, if and when I hear about something from LAS (now that I’m a huge fan–seriously), I will credit them. It’s a really great show, and they deserve some link love.

  11. GamesForLinux Says:

    For a list of commercial Linux games see:

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