Ubuntu 13.04: Best But Boring? | LAS s26e07

Ubuntu 13.04: Best But Boring? | LAS s26e07

Ubuntu 13.04 was nearly the release that wasn’t, but now it looks like it could be the next great desktop. What happens when you hit the top, and loose your focus?

We’ll answer why even though this release gets two thumbs up, it still leaves us feeling a little disappointed.

Plus our interview with an independent distro builder, and where he finds his motivation to fight the big dogs, Netflix’s HTML5 plans, open source taking over the world…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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During the week of 8 April 2013, developers from the KDE, GNOME, Unity and Razor-qt projects met at the SUSE offices in Nürnberg to improve collaboration between the projects by discussing specifications. A wide range of topics was covered.


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20 Responses to “Ubuntu 13.04: Best But Boring? | LAS s26e07”

  1. garegin Says:

    As I am a big WWII junkie I often joke that Hitler was the blueprint for Canonical. Insane strategic goals like with Mir or Ubuntu TV that could never be fullfiled. I guess the realistic assessment of Linux desktop is too depressing for Ubuntu fanboys.

  2. Gordon Says:

    Good show! Well done especially to Matt – focused, relevant, and on topic. And Chris – excellent as ever, highlighting the most incisive points of interest. Look forward to the next show.

  3. Mohan Says:

    Chris, I wanted to send you a DM on Twitter, but I wasn’t able to since you don’t follow me. Well what I wanted to know was, how do I tell System76 that I heard their ad on LAS, I am about to order Sable Complete soon. Thanks.

  4. Matt Hartley Says:

    I can help with this. Once you’ve placed your order, you can message them as follows: Send a message from your System76 My Account page. Once you’ve made an order, login and you can give them a shout out here. :)

    Thanks! :)

  5. Chris Says:

    My Grandfather was also a WWII “junkie”. He died in it. Its so nice to see that there are people that call themselves junkies for a brutal war.

    And if Hitler was the Blueprint:
    Do they round up other distros in camps to… you know?

    Worst reference EVER!

    Just say Canonicals plans are ambitious and cut the crap.

  6. garegin Says:

    You are taking things out of context, I’m referring only to Hitler unrealistic plans not the evil aspect. By studying war “like a junkie” one can avoid the mistakes in normal life. Therefore my interest does not equal to enthusiasm.

  7. Chris Says:

    Avoid mistakes in normal life? What day to day mistakes can be avoided by studying WWII (that a Person with a healthy Conscious could do)?

  8. brian mullan Says:

    How about on an upcoming show you talk about how great LXC is getting to be on Ubuntu. Lots of great implementation progress and contributions being made

  9. garegin Says:

    “that a Person with a healthy Conscious could do”

    this has NOTHING to do with evil things in war. my comment was solely focused on Hitler’s unrealistic and delusional strategic plans. There are two possibilities in my head. Shuttleworth is a lying sack of crap and is insulting the community’s intelligence or he is completely out of touch for thinking things like this.


    The comments on the page and even more pathetic. Everyone is cheering them for making bold claims. You yourself have claimed on the show that “Linux Desktop is not dying because “we” are still using it”. This is silly. There are also geeks using Solaris or FreeBSD at home. Do you think those OSes are making headway in the general population? There is nothing wrong in loving something. What is wrong is making unrealistic predictions that are 99% going to fail.
    Of course I’m the idiot. But please understand that the more people cheer Canonical and its fanboy BS, the less chance for progress in fixing Linux’s broken corners.

  10. Gentoo4Life Says:

    Godwin’s Law states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” In other words, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably makes a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis. Godwin states that once someone “plays the Hitler card” that particular internet thread or discussion is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.

    As a side note, Mike Godwin is well-known in the open source community having worked with the EFF and with Wikimedia.

  11. A Non-Moose Says:

    The sublime player will not seek to non-preloaded video segments, and effectively resets when I go out of fullscreen to say, change the volume. Requiring reloading gobs of video data, instead of not resetting and seeking decently to begin with. (Chrome/Win7)

  12. garegin Says:

    Godwin’s Law doesn’t apply here because I am not saying Canonical is evil like Hitler or Nazis. Just that they are DELUSIONAL like him.

  13. Chris Says:

    “”Linux Desktop is not dying because “we” are still using it””

    Im not on the show. As far fetched as it might be, but there are quite some “Chrises” out there.
    My second comment wasnt about your strange Hitler reference. It was about you junkielike Study of WWII.

  14. Chris Says:

    So you did compare Hitlers delusion with the ambitions of Canonical?

    Sounds to me like Gentoo4Life is right 😉

  15. garegin Says:

    not on the evilness level, but on the stupidity level – yes!

  16. Lee Seymour Says:

    Good show as always. Mad props for reviewing openSUSE 12.3 back along. Def a switch from Xubuntu for maybe a slightly more advanced user. On the Tumbleweed repos & loving it!!!

  17. Roger Foss Says:

    Your review was the BEST review of a development release I have heard. I will go so far to say, that was the best Ubuntu review I heard all week. And I will even go a step FURTHER than that. That was one of The Best Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop reviews I have EVER heard! I mean that. It was refined. It was fast. It was stable. It had a fantastic selection of words.

    And yet, I found myself completely BORED by it.

    For a moment I thought you were going to sing praise, since you hadn’t mentioned anything concrete or substantially negative. But then you said: “For us and our audience, it’s a little BORING”.

    Remember minutes how earlier in the show you were all about how
    you use your system for WORK? Sure you play around and try stuff out
    but most of the time you need to do SERIOUS WORK.
    Yeah, sure.

  18. Jason Says:

    I’m glad you found 13.04 boring. This means that they have focused on functionality rather than just bling. Imagine that , an ubuntu release that you can actually get some work done on.

  19. Mohan Says:

    Done! I gave a shout-out to you guys! 😀

  20. Carlton Randolph Says:

    LOL, you are delusional. This is the worst release since Natty… Functionality? A lot of users can’t even shut down, and getting errors from remaining idle. But yet they were so quick to throw Steam and Skype in the mix… These guys are a joke. I still have to scroll every picture when trying to open a file for upload because they STILL haven’t implemented any change in the ‘functionality’. You’re just trying to sound like the rest of the sheeple who think they’re some computer genius.

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