MIR Problems | LAS s27e08

MIR Problems | LAS s27e08

Wayland and Mir are now under heavy development, but the community seems more divided than ever. We’ll explain why the developers want to replace X11 so badly, the big challenges facing Mir, and the long term division that desktop Linux is facing.

Plus our quick review of Fedora 19, the solar powered Linux laptop generating so much buzz…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Mir: First Hands On


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Hands on experiences:

  • Intel driver works best. Nouveau will work, but it failed on me fast.
  • ATI oss driver was a no go. Gave me crazy results.
  • Installing a proprietary driver automatically reverts you to standard X via Xmir’s pre-flight checks.
  • Double mouse cursor – A result of the fact that all Mir is doing is providing a single full screen texture within which an x11 session is doing all the work. Which means Mir is doing nothing beyond the frame, for all intents and purposes.

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11 Responses to “MIR Problems | LAS s27e08”

  1. garegin Says:

    x11 was obsolete 20 years ago. anyone you read the unix haters handbook already knows why. news and display postscript were already superior back then. today x11 is not only obsolete, it is unnecessary, the WM (kwin, compwiz) can directly become the display server, eliminating the overhead.

  2. Matt Anderson Says:

    I’ve already moved to a Chromebook as my PRIMARY computer. Yeah, there are windows boxes in my kids rooms. I don’t touch ’em.

  3. darkstar64 Says:

    Any idea when this episode will be available on Roku?

  4. Orkultus Says:

    I posted a new blog on my WordPress about how to get the full Intel CPU performance in Ubuntu, if anyone is interested.


  5. Colton DRG Says:

    If Ubuntu 13.10 ships with Mir (I use Kubuntu), I will be switching to OpenSUSE (assuming I can get it to DualBoot) or Fedora 19 or 20 KDE edition

  6. pevsner Says:

    Isn’t mir based on wayland code. I don’t think it would have been possible to code from mir from scratch in such a short time.

  7. garegin Says:

    yes. what one needs to understand is that wayland is just a protocol to talk to the compositor. there is NO WAYLAND DISPLAY SERVER!. the server is the WM like compiz, the clients are the applications.
    you already are almost doing that anyway because of DRI. the applications bypass X and draw directly. so wayland and mir is just DRI taken to its logical conclusion.

  8. Rey Says:

    I’m new to linux but bought parts and built a new box and ended up installing linux. Mint would not install.. probably because of hardware drivers, but ubuntu 13.10 runs decently, however there are obviously some issues that could be related to this between the dash and flash video. However, could be with my video driver as I have not been able to get sound over HDMI. In the end it’s what ends up being better.

  9. sam Says:

    ref:/etc i thought F19 was okay. main bug was grub install defaulted to the first physical drive (sort of like windoze). i have a sata III (marvell) raid controller that has a setting to run a single drive, where my sata III ssd drive is. the drive was listed in f19 as a place to install it, but she would’n stick cap’n. ubuntu-gnome (i have sinced changed from kubuntu) has no issue at all here. installing f19 on the first ssd (f19 found the other linux parts too) configing the install then changing the boot device back in the bios to boot to UG and running update-grub in UG also found the F19 part. so it all worked out. i like fedora, but have found conflicts in yum repos, not like that with PPAs (the one’s i use anyway), red hat is up the road about an hour and half and would like to get a red hat cert. i’m finishing a networking associates and have been a technician since 1997. linux user since 99′. love LAS!

  10. sam Says:

    i have found that i have to install mint with the kernel peram nomodeset or actually now with nvidia.modeset=0 just google mint nomodeset and look for pages in the mint community.

  11. Rey Says:

    Thanks sam, will keep that in mind If I do a reinstal..as I might do. It seems that 13.10 is determined to not let me share hard drives over my network.
    Is there a good place to ask for help?

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