Too Much Choice | LU1

Too Much Choice | LU1

Does the Linux community lean on the age old excuse of choice, to brush of the real limitations of desktop Linux environments? We debate that, and then discuss the growing reasons to roll your own email server.

Plus we read a ton of feedback, chat with our live hangout, some tablet troubleshooting, and more!

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\”My Fellow Users,
I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit…\”

11 Responses to “Too Much Choice | LU1”

  1. silvernode Says:

    I think this approach to a Linux show is what I’ve been looking for. I know shows like this exist but this was great. Getting more involved with the community is exactly what you needed.

  2. Lennon Says:

    Absolutely fantastic show. Like Silvernode, I think this is what I was after! Definitely looking forward to more of these :)

  3. Jim Jones Says:

    The intro is simply awesome! IMHO even better than the one on LAS on Sundays 😉
    Thanks Chris and Matt… hell of a show!

  4. Jim Says:

    Hi Chris & Matt,

    I think this show is a great adjunct for LAS. Thanks for doing it!


  5. Guest Says:

    No video, major disappointment, just like the unfilter show. I still enjoy LAS and Techsnap though.

    How exactly is running an email server at home more secure than anywhere else? SMTP protocol is not encrypted. I’m quite sure most major ISPs can easily tap all of the traffic that goes between your home and their servers. Even if you encrypt the email message there will always be metadata. Also, running a server goes against the TOS of many ISPs, and often times mail originating from a residential IP range is often flagged as spam.

    Bitmessage is an alternative, however in my experience it uses more cpu than running a mail server.

    Any other ideas?

  6. Davidahuas Says:

    Klyde might be the answer to KDE’s problems. I would love to buildup my own idea of what I want in KDE.

  7. matthartley Says:

    Technically, yes, there is video with relevant images and live feed of the chat room. What is missing, is the video of the hosts. :)

    We decided on this format because it’s an unplugged show, casual, less stuff going on with more focus on the community, not us.

  8. MaTachi Says:

    I really don’t like spending time customizing my desktop, therefore I prefer a distro with a DE that looks good by default. I have tried KDE several times but its ugliness is too painful and there are too many options. 😛

  9. garegin Says:

    you say that Linux users are spoiled but the problem is that Windows, while having its myriad problems (I just came across another one yesterday) is much better GUI than Linux desktop environments.
    And please say me the “but you don’t know what your missing” bullcrap. I’ve been using Linux distros of various kinds for years. Once you start starting digging 0.001″ beneath the surface the entire DE is a toyish piece of shit. I don’t blame them. You need millions of dollars and many full time developers to make a polished UI. Both Gnome and KDE and severely understaffed.
    As a desktop OS Linux is miles and miles behind Windows. Sure it attracts nerds who want to tinker with every single piece of functionality and power to them. But it lacks acres of functionality.
    I’m sure Wayland will make everyone’s life easier by unburdening them from kludging X to work with their stack. But do you think that Wayland will suddenly make Gnome into a RICHLY functional desktop. Nope. UI development costs lot of mullah. The big iron vendors like IBM or Oracle do not give a fling fartsickle that I don’t have HW acceleration in Firefox or that polkit doesn’t work right

  10. Psy Says:

    Love the show. You need more coffee-related sounds, they set a relaxing and informal tone, like a mug-spoon sound for topic change, etc.

  11. Henrik Danielsson Says:

    Just heard about your Nexus 7 recharge problems. I completely drained my N7 two days ago while playing Uplink. It didn’t respond to the power button anymore, but as soon as I plugged in the [original] charger, a small white charging icon appeared in the middle of the screen. Left it for 10 minutes or so and I could use it again. This was after the 4.3 update though, so maybe they fixed it?

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