Are Linux Users Cheap? | LINUX Unplugged 4

Are Linux Users Cheap? | LINUX Unplugged 4

We crunch the Steam and Ubuntu Software Center numbers and we have to ask: Are Linux users cheap? Or is the answer more complex than that?

Plus how we think Microsoft buying Nokia might impact Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS, and other open mobile startups, replacing Dropbox, and more!

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Are Linux Users Cheap?

Microsoft buying Nokia bad for Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS?

Jupiter Colony Forum…

What should come next? Let us know your thoughts.


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3 Responses to “Are Linux Users Cheap? | LINUX Unplugged 4”

  1. Cynic Says:

    “Are Linux Users Cheap?”
    Why would the number of Linux users on Steam prompt that question?

  2. Cynic Says:

    Just listened to the podcast.
    Two things about software sales on Linux:

    -Proprietary software sales: there is barely any software avaiable for sale. From the top of my mind I’m going to list all non-dev, non-games apps on sale for linux: CrossOver,… and …

    -Ubuntu Software Center: I don’t trust it, I would never bind a software license that costs more than 5 dolars to that thing. I may use Ubuntu but I don’t want to be locked to unstable buggy app that only runs on Ubuntu. If I’m buying something like Sublime Text, it won’t be on USC.

  3. sam b Says:

    There just isn’t enough games on Steam.

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