SpiderOak vs Bittorrent Sync | LAS s28e07

SpiderOak vs Bittorrent Sync | LAS s28e07

Can two of the hottest sync systems live in harmony? We’ll compare SpiderOak and Bittorrent Sync, and see if we can use each for it’s specific strengths.

Plus: Intel and XMir drama, developers plea for the end of DirectX, your emails…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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SpiderOak vs Bittorrent Sync:


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– SpiderOak –

SpiderOak is a zero-knowledge encrypted data backup, share, sync, access and storage service. Online and multi-platform with 2GB of storage free for life.

We have many customers who use SpiderOak on headless servers. The initial
setup requires a simple workaround, and from there you can use the command line
options to implement all other tasks.

We are steadily releasing many of the tools and libraries that we created while
building SpiderOak as independent, generalized components. These can be found
under the code section.

– Bittorrent Sync –

Private and Secure. File transfers are encrypted. Your information is never stored on a server in the cloud and your data is protected by private keys.

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10 Responses to “SpiderOak vs Bittorrent Sync | LAS s28e07”

  1. Lucain Says:

    The main reason on why China is embracing the use of Linux is merely political and security wise. China has no “free market” everything that you buy in china has to be “government approved” and now with all the NSA scandals and Microsoft’s back doors enforcement in his products makes a wise decision to China’s government to promote Ubuntu’s use.

    Dell’s ass was saved in (a big) part by Microsoft, I see China as the only market on which dell is going to promote Ubuntu, as Matt said, driven only by profit.

  2. DF Says:

    Hey Guys, the YouTube link is for last weeks episode…

  3. DF Says:

    link for S28e07

  4. b4dh3r0 Says:

    First time listener. Geat show! Found something new to satiate my tech while at the warehouse. Thanks guys!

  5. vishwaje Says:

    Hey Chris, thank u for ur answer.. Vishwaje is a very common name in Sri Lanka.. 😛

  6. jsmeche Says:

    Did everyone forget that the chinese government went all-in with ubuntu? That is the defacto OS in china. MS is out. Dell selling ubuntu in china has nothing to do with them changing their domestic business. Ubuntu in china is like windows in america.

  7. Taavi Says:

    Why not install BitTorrent Sync on a VPS. Its offsite and You can crypt the drive. And probably NSA isn’t listening all the VPS providers.

  8. Mohan Says:

    Chris you should really check out K9 Mail for Android. The newest version is top notch (not that the older one wasn’t), but the new one has the holo theme.

  9. Paul H Park Says:

    Saw your discussion about the CuBox-i4Pro purchase.

    How does it compare to the Rockchip rk3188 quad core along with the gpu included with it?

    Also have you got your item yet? Have you tried out installing openQRM?

    I purchased an Android rockchip rk3188 device that’s due to be delivered next week (from China), and the one I got has an ethernet port but no sata. About $50 cheaper but Linux isn’t preinstalled.

    My goal is to install an UTM like endian and IVR like elastix using openQRM by provisioning two cores for each.

    Project should take around two months if there are installation and other problems.

    OpenQRM supports HA. Nice way for smb to save cash using switches (mac addresses) and usb to ethernet devices (get the second port for lan – dhcp through device).

  10. Paul H Park Says:

    FYI – OpenElec is a good distro for thinking about turning into a game distro (compiled specifically as a media center). Also, the developer’s business analysis wasn’t adequate. Surface RT can’t run applications like the chrome browser, etc. since it runs on ARM and not x86. If a company makes a game for ARM, that makes Linux more attractive because of porting for developers and cost for consumers. There are other business decisions that the developers are not aware of in regards to the x86 based OSes and the ecosystem.

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