Fly Her Apart! | STOked 65

Fly Her Apart! | STOked 65

It’s all Engine math this week! After shunting our optical sensors through the auxiliary signal buffers, we were able to heroically save this week’s subspace transmission of STOked! While the transmission was partially damaged, we managed to save the best!

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Show Notes:


DSthal comments on Guramba

  • Happened while he was out sick

Commentary from DStahl on Mission Remastering

  • KDF missions will get remastered, too.
  • Only 12% of players have active KDF toons.

“Decommissioned” Accolades // Mission Remastering

  • As a result of the upcoming remastering of missions (headed up by Gozer) some old accolades will no longer be accessible.
  • One that has so far been confirmed, is the “SS Azura” (being replaced)

January’s Ask Cryptic

  • Craftable Refit Ship Costumes
  • Season 4 will include the Fleet Action Queue system, allowing fleets to team up easier.
  • Confirmed that the Foundry is being used by the Neverwinter team – likely a big reason the tech is getting so much attention.
  • First Officer system may include an extra Universal Boff slot on your ship!
  • Both the Captain’s Yacht (400-day reward) and Delta Flyer (omgomg) are coming soon.
  • DSEs getting “replaced with something new” in Season 4.



Standard engine variants come in three flavors:
Impulse — A standard engine, baseline
Hyper Impulse — Efficient at high energy (meaning when you are above about 60 engine power, you start gaining extra engine energy)
Combat Impulse — Efficient at low energy (meaning when you are below about 40 engine power, you start gaining extra engine energy)

Impulse engines — the baseline variety — should not be used.  They seem to have the exact same stat scaling as the other two types, but never grant additional energy.

So your choice should be based on what you typically fly with your Engine energy set at.  If it’s low, go Combat, and if it’s high go Hyper.

Exception = Efficient Impulse Engine
Can obtain from episodic content in the Lt Commander range (Past Imperfect), and it adds 5 energy to weapons, shields and aux.  So awesome!  And totally viable all the way to VA.  Even if you’re ship’s a little slower, the extra energy is tasty.  And speed rarely impacts PvE tactics.

As you go up in Marks of engines, the only thing that changes is the speed and sometimes turning rates. So if you have a lower Mk engine with a fatty bonus that you adore (like the aforementioned Efficient engine), and don’t mind the reduced maneuverability, don’t feel like you have to give it up.  The choice is yours.

Engine modifiers come in 3 standard variants as well:
[full] — increases your Full Impulse speed
[spd] — increases your standard flight speed
[turn] — slightly buffs your turn rate

Speed VERY rarely matters in PvE combat.  I know there are times in PvP where running away is a good tactic, and if that’s one of yours then by all means go for [spd] — especially since this modifier can be further multiplied by buffs such as Evasive Maneuvers.  For most folks however, I think I’d be safe to recommend an engine with Turn Rate bonuses.  Even if you’re in a highly maneuverable ship, like an Escort or something, a higher turn rate is always good.  Also, if the numbers are right on the tooltips, engines with turn rate improvements have a more profound impact on your turning, than an RCS engineering console would.

Now, let’s talk about an Engine-based tactic that is primarily used in PvP.

It’s a common buff-stacking approach that is sometimes called “Ludicrous Speed” … because it is crazy-fast.

To execute this maneuver fire off RAW SPEED BOOSTS first, then follow that up with PERCENTAGE-BASED BOOSTS.

Raw speed/energy boosts:
Aux to *** (use EngTeam + Aux to Engines)
Engine Battery
Energy Siphon

Percentage boosts:
Attack Pattern Omega
Evasive Maneuvers

As an added bonus to this tactic, there’s a new consumable item known as a “Deuterium Surplus” that can be obtained by completing a daily mission in the Alhena system in Eta Eridani. These are pretty much Evasive Maneuvers batteries.


“What features would be necessary in a STO Community Portal site?”

We’ve mentioned before having RSS feeds to popular STO sites like STO-Wiki, StarbaseUGC or even Memory-Alpha.
Also mentioned having a browsable Foundry database.

What’s YOUR feature request?


14 Responses to “Fly Her Apart! | STOked 65”

  1. Jonathan Heslop Says:

    Congrats on the little bambina Chris!

  2. Timmie89 Says:

    Your speed has a huge impact on the enemy chance to hit you. Every point of impulse you get, up to a cap of 26, gives your enemies a -2.5% chance to hit you, if what I have read is accurate ( isn”t being updated, but it is the best consolidated source of mechanical info I have seen). So the difference between running 20 and 25 impulse is a -12.5% chance to be hit.

    Also, combat impulse engines are only useful below Energy power of 50… But that is almost impossible to achieve in the endgame. Even assuming no relevant equipment or captain traits, like warp core theorist, and only your liberated borg bridge officer, if you have warp core 9/engine efficiency 9/ and engine performance 9, fairly likely for space focused players, as none of those are tier 5 skills, you are going to have a MINIMUM energy power setting (with the control at 25), of 48 in a a science/escort vessel, and 53 in a cruiser. I really don’t see how one could get any value out of a combat impulse engine beyond the extreme early game. Even with just warp core training and engine efficiency, you are still going to have a MINIMUM energy level of 45 in a cruiser.

    Am I missing something? some reason that combat impulse engines aren’t basically worthless?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    congrats on the addition to your family

  4. Nx27753 Says:

    Oh I like that pose. Awesome sauce

  5. Katic Says:

    Chris: Congrats.
    J-Man: Awesome MATHed, as usual.

    Both: Wayyyy too fricken short. Seriously, I understand the tech issues, but a one-day delay for a full episode is better than a gimpy episode on time.

  6. gk007 Says:

    They had to flim LAS the next day ;).

    It was this or nothing…

  7. Anze G Says:

    I am a VA with all the skills u mentiond and my Engine power is 25 if I put power to weapons :S So I have no idea what ur talking about

  8. TJerrom Says:

    Love the All Good Things Uniforms, whens Season 4 comming out so I can fit the rest of my crew in them? :)

  9. picardalpha2clearance Says:

    Holy short show Batman!!

  10. CaptainFrick1978 Says:

    first is to have a site with access to all of that i mean why here or there when i can view it all in one place that should be the potral.

  11. Timmie89 Says:

    Your engine INPUT power is 25. The output is modified, and you can find a spreadsheet to tell you how. Basically, efficiency gives you a significant boost to minimized power settings, and does very little at high power settings. So if you have Engine Efficiency (pretty much garunteed if you play the game at all, let alone run in a ship that uses the Engine power 25 setting), you aren’t actually getting Engine powers at 25.

    The upshot: the formula for engine speed inputs the engine modifier of the engine in question, EMod in the equation
    Speed = Base + (FSpd + (EPow – 50) x IMod x EMod) x (1 + Stat / TMod)
    In such a way that your EMOD acts on the EFFECTIVE engine power, EPow, not the input power. So if you have skills that put your 25 input power, as I mentioned, up in the ballpark of 48+, or minimum 45. So…… while I haven’t tested with all engines or anything, you are going to notice, that a combat engine, with EMOD less than 1, seems to be drastically inferior at all power levels to a standard engine, let alone a hyper engine. I am skeptical of the value of combat impulse for ANYONE who is out of the first few skill tiers where EPow might actually be below 35-40. The math doesn’t support the design’s intention.

    You can tell this in the first ten minutes of the game. When you invest your first 500 or so skill points, watch the actual amount of engine power (the digital display), as you put points into warp core theorist. Notice it going up? and staying steady at above 25? Or even if you don’t want to complete the tutorial. Take warp theorist/efficient captain traits, and the second your ship allows you to change power levels in the tutorial, look at the digital readout on the 25 settings. That’s your EPow. that’s why the display reads as x/x, instead of just flat x. That’s your allocated power, and your actual power, modified by skills, weapon drain, etc.

    And as for the speed having a huge impact, I was just saying: running with obsolete engines just to get a slightly higher power rating not only slows you down a lot, it also makes you get hit a lot more often, unless you were going to be above the defense cap at Impluse 26 anyways. Might not be relevant, but it’s not just “wow, I move slower but hit harder”. It’s more like “I move slower, hit harder, but also am much more likely to get hit or critted (if you have more than 100% to hit, you crit harder instead).

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