Negative in the Practical Dimension | LUP 14

Negative in the Practical Dimension | LUP 14

This week we’ll use the lens of some recent technical meltdowns to discuss this age old struggle of pragmatism vs idealism.

Sometimes the practical choice kicks you in the butt, and you regret ignoring your ideals. And sometimes the free choice can’t do the job. This is a balance Linux users find themselves in more most technology users.

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21 Responses to “Negative in the Practical Dimension | LUP 14”

  1. frodo wiz Says:

    great show as always. i was listening while browsing and i came upon a few links concerning the microsoft,apple patent troll corporation called rockstar. i want to appologize for going so off topic(i was doing some research for live stream editors to pass the time). but seeing yet another blatently obvious, unethical and down right wrong attempt to stiffle linux,android, fill in the blank with this new corporation has me so damn angry i want to join whatever fight is necessary to stick an ipod riddled zune up MS and apples posteriors. i dont just mean do my share of fighting. i will step out, take a whiff and proudly proclaim “i love the smell of dying dynosaur corps in the morning.” i should have posted on a more appropriate part of jupiter broadcasting but DANG how much concentrated evil can exist in a walled garden! im so mad im using my 1993 aol aim typing punctuation – without the “lol”. counting to 10….
    have you heard anything about the linux video editor “lives”? just thought id throw that into the mix. now i am on topic.

  2. tusharkant15 Says:

    Damn dude…chill…we have Google, Red Hat, IBM, Valve, Samsung etc… on our side….I think we’ll be fine!

  3. frodo wiz Says:

    I hope so but not long ago jupiterbroadcasting did an episode wHich mentioned a small Texas town bought and paid for by patent trolls. the same town this lawsuit is filed in. To me, this could be a game changer.

    thanks for the reassurance though. I got a laugh when I saw the first sentence.

  4. davefretty Says:

    Glad to see you are giving a bit of publicity to the Linux Voice guys and I really hope they reach their target. Will be a good magazine and their podcast is good too.

  5. Hex DSL Says:

    Though provoking show but as someone who is currently trying to make the switch to Linux for full time use it was a little disheartening to hear that we are not there yet when it comes to video.

  6. Sig Interrupt Says:

    Agreed, I’m a long time fan of the writing/podcasts from the guys trying to start up Linux Voice. They are true believers in Linux/FOSS. (Too bad that Future Publications couldn’t stop screwing with them while they were at Linux Format)

    Hope Chris & Matt can give Linux Voice a shout-out on LAS as well. Those guys are really trying to boot-strap from nothing and their start up campaign needs all the visibility it can get in the FOSS communities.

  7. Sig Interrupt Says:

    Hex, you probably know this already and I have no intent to offend, just want to make sure that you realize that most the problems that Chris and Matt were discussing were with video production, not video playback.

  8. Hex DSL Says:

    As I said I’m currently in the process of trying to switch to Linux full time. I’ve been using Mint for a year now ‘part time’ (switching back to windows for a few things.)

    I have a laundry list of things that I need my Linux install to do before the planned ‘big reinstall’ when I will dedicate my only computer to the platform; so, as you can imagine I need to get work done and know that Linux will be there for me. Personally I find that for a really smooth workflow rebooting every time I need to get one task done doesn’t work for me and I end up spending more and more time in Windows because it offers a one stop solution for all the things I need hence my desire to only have one OS installed. Linux is the OS I want to use in the long term as I am security concious and i really love the way Linux works with regard to openness and customisability as well as peer review of code meaning I know I can trust it.

    For the last week or so I’ve been testing out different video editing packages trying to find something that has the basic ChromaKey functionality I require for a YouTube project that I am working on so this show really struck a cord with me.

    I’m sorry that I was not more clear with my original comment and I take no offence to you querying it but one of the things that I have noticed as I have become more immersed in Linux community websites and videos is the tendency to assume that people have misunderstood or not really grokked things. Constantly I see minor disagreements happening because people people are assuming that anyone asking a question is totally new to the OS, or not as bright as they might be.

    I think in the case of long time power users from any platform coming over to Linux this constant ‘clarifying’ people do over very minor things causes them to develop a defensive tone very quickly. Given how easy Linux is to use now and how well documented things are I think that this ‘clarifying’ is not really something people need to do with the modern incarnation of the OS and is an echo from the more complicated past.

    Please though, don’t think that I am directing this directly at you because your comment was valid but the last paragraph or so was something that I really wanted to put out there because I know when talking to other people making the switch from windows (who are newer than me to Linux) its a something many people have commented on.

    I think we are looking a real surge in new users with the coming of SteamOS and would hate to think that any of us are putting off new users by assuming that ‘new Linux user’ is synonymous with ‘new computer user’

    I’m very sorry about going on a bit here and I REALLY do hope that my point is valid because it is meant with love for Linux.

  9. Random Gentoo User Says:

    In my experience, Wine works very well these days for anything that I absolutely need to run a Windows app for, and when that fails, I use VirtualBox. Dual booting is a relic of past.

    YMMV :)

  10. Hex DSL Says:

    For everything except gaming i agree and that’s the setup im going with.

  11. Michael Tunnell Says:

    Awesome Show…I know because I was on it…but even more awesome that my “Negative in the Practical Dimension” was used as the show title. :)

  12. Random Gentoo User Says:

    On the gaming side, PlayOnLinux does a pretty good job too. I’ve been able to play quite a few AAA titles with it. :)

  13. Random Gentoo User Says:

    For the longest time we had no free (as in Freedom!) pro audio app of the calibre of ProTools under Linux, and now we do with Ardour ( The main developer has a subscription model going and that’s basically how developement of Ardour has been paid for over the past few years. Perhaps some enterprising individual might do the same with pro video…

    To say that pro video will never happen on Linux is what was said about pro audio not that long ago. Just sayin’. :)

  14. Michael Tunnell Says:

    I use VirtualBox for my Photoshop but Video including Chromakey can be done in Linux via Kdenlive or OpenShot.

    You shouldn’t be using this episode as a way to say that Linux isn’t there yet because they are NOT talking about Video Post Production or Video Playing.

    They are referring to Live Production. Such as Chromakey On The Fly, Streaming to Live Viewers, Video Switching with different Camera Sources, Graphical Elements (Lower Thirds) all being done as they are recording.

    JB doesn’t have time to do much post preduction so they need stuff done on-the-fly. Linux doesn’t have On-the-Fly software but it has multiple great options for Post Production.

  15. Michael Tunnell Says:

    Ardour has been around for over 8 years so it has been around a VERY long time when it comes to Linux development timelines.

    Ardour is quite awesome.

    However, they are not talking about Video Post Production. They are talking about On-The-Fly Live Video Production. Those two things are MASSIVELY different beasts.

  16. garegin Says:

    I’m not a trained philosopher but I think I have caught the fallacy in Chris’s reasoning. His “ideals” are not free software but Linux software. He wants to convert all his applications to Linux, but sometimes has to dual boot. He actually has no moral problem with using closed source software (VMware, Steam, flash, firmware blobs in the kernel. He just hates Microsoft and feels uneasy that he has to use it to get work done. Because Windows has a great FOSS library too.

    Wine in itself is practically a closed source enabler. 90%+ applications people run in Wine are closed source. And yet we don’t hear any gnashing of teeth. Freedom for many Linux youth is not liberty but the psychic profit of not patronizing their archenemy, MS.

  17. Random Gentoo User Says:

    Video-on-the-fly production is very niche. But that doesn’t mean there’s someone out there who’s motivated enough to serve that niche. Hmm…

  18. matthartley Says:

    “trying to find something that has the basic ChromaKey functionality I require for a YouTube project that I am working on so this show really struck a cord with me.”/

    KDENLive — It’s not going replace Final Cut and the like, however for chromakey work, it works VERY well. I’ve used it on my own YT channel in the past. You can get some howto help here:

  19. Michael Tunnell Says:

    Chris never said he only wants Free Software. He said he wants to run native Linux apps which guarantees better quality, better performance, better security just by running on Linux. He also doesn’t dual boot. He is a Linux User…the only has a Mac to do the Wirecast stuff because as he said he doesn’t have a choice. You interpreted that wrong.

  20. Michael Tunnell Says:

    It is very niche indeed but that is the only thing they are referring to. Some people, even on this disqus thread, are saying that he meant all video production wasn’t there yet but that is not what they were talking about.

  21. MaTachi Says:

    Yey, I hope Linux Voice will make their goal.

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