openSUSE 13.1 Review | LAS 29e07

openSUSE 13.1 Review | LAS 29e07

openSUSE 13.1 hits the web this week, and it’s our review of this serious contender. With a focus on stability and polish, can this Linux for adults have a lot of fun?

We look at some of the tools, features, and advantages that set openSUSE apart, and a few areas that could use some work.

Plus: Linus’ dad kicks of an Internet storm, news of the week…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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openSUSE 13.1 Review:


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  • Nice to have a straight to install, and an installer that gives you room to get technical, but has sane defaults.
  • Live CDs for Gnome and KDE are also available.
  • Had trouble getting my bootloader to install on an alternative drive.


  • Updater integration/plasma widget is bad ass

  • Display configuration now handled through KDE settings, not YaST.

  • YaST once again looks at home under KDE or Gnome.

  • Update alert info does not seem to be integrated into the XFCE desktop, but brilliantly integrated into KDE and supports Gnome Notifications too.

Steam Test:

  • A couple games did not work. But some of my favorites did.


Fun fact: openSUSE has a new release every eight months, and there are only three per version: .1, .2 and .3. So a .1 release comes out every other November. openSUSE 13.1 promises greater stability


  • Linux 3.11
  • Work done on 64bit ARM support.
  • 32bit ARM support has been heavily improved and a special Raspberry Pi build for openSUSE is available.
  • End users can now mount Amazon s3 buckets as local file system.
  • Samba 4.1
  • systemd 208
  • YaST has been ported to Ruby
  • This release has been selected for Evergreen support extending its life cycle to 3 years.

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11 Responses to “openSUSE 13.1 Review | LAS 29e07”

  1. bmullan Says:

    Ubuntu has released their Ubuntu SDK which was even written about in the last Linux Format Magazine. That SDK allows developing 1 time and your app is supposed to run across Ubuntu on Desktop, Tablet or Phone.
    They have implemented into the SDK an auto-scaling so apps can upscale/downscale depending on what the app is running on.
    Perhaps the developers you mention were just not paying attention to the SDK’s beta mailer?

  2. Geeta Says:

    Why don’t you rename the show to “The Chris Fisher Show”, and just put a lamp shade over Matt’s head because he may as well be a lamp (and yeah don’t forget the bulb). Ever occur to you to let him talk for a full 5 mins? Maybe let him introduce the news section once in awhile?

    You have a great show, I watch it with my hubby every week but man you don’t shut-up! You don’t do this with Allan Jude on Tech Snap, so why do you do this with Matt?

  3. Kyle T. Says:

    Because the format for the show is Chris being the main host and Matt being the backup guy. In TechSNAP it’s the opposite. Chris and Matt have explained this in the subreddit a number of times.

  4. matthartley Says:

    We’ve explained this many times in the past, but it’s worth repeating. Hell, we even created an entirely separate show with the format you’re seeking called Linux Unplugged. The format works, has proven to be crazy successful and is done this way be design.

    tltr: It’s a format choice we both prefer — keeps us on a tight schedule and unlike Linux Unplugged, works best for this format.

  5. William Hatt Says:

    With regards to the Ubuntu phone news piece; Its frustrating to hear about all of the resources being wasted on (yet another phone os) YAPOS. The only thing I’ve heard of that’s exciting is Ubuntu on Android, a sort on desktop/phone convergence device. Whatever happened to that?

  6. mankou0 Says:

    Your hubby sounds like a hero to me.

  7. TuxedoTechno Says:

    I started using openSUSE 12.3 several months ago and it’s the first time I’ve felt really settled on a distro in a long time. It really is a mature fully featured OS that is stable, polished and very usable as a workhorse. Kudos to the openSUSE team! Looking forward to 13.1!

  8. jgmitzen Says:

    >The format works, has proven to be crazy successful

    How is not enough Matt ever a successful thing?

  9. jgmitzen Says:

    But we don’t want a ventriloquist dummy sitting on Chris’ knee. We want interaction, otherwise there was no point in finding a replacement for Bryan at all.

  10. Michael Huff Says:

    I’ll just tell you Bryan was no Matt. He pretty much hijacked the show from Chris every week. He even managed to piss RMS off and now they’ll be lucky to have him back ever again. Not that I’m a big RMS fan. Plus he littered the show with half-funny jokes and gaffes. And he called in sick half the time. He wasn’t reliable and Matt is a pure gift. Matt is the man!

  11. dsadsa Says:

    The Mobile Video link is down

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