Linux Mint 16 Review | LAS s29e09

Linux Mint 16 Review | LAS s29e09

We’ve got the Cinnamon and MATE editions of Linux Mint 16 Petra loaded, we’ll give you a tour of the release highlights, and share our thoughts on this latest release. Has Mint reclaimed the perfected desktop crown? We’ll debate.

Plus: Another worm hits the web for Linux, a Jolla round up…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Linux Mint 16 is the result of 6 months of incremental development on top of stable and reliable technologies. This new release comes with updated software and brings refinements and new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

Cinnamon 2.0 is a serious desktop contender, but not for the reasons you might think. Has this desktop environment come into its own?

  • No Btrfs during install. Mint don’t play.
  • Mint’s refinement comes from controlled areas of change. Once they get something the way they like it, it’s an iterative process of improvement. Not giant leaps of innovation.
  • Mint Cinnamon feels like a modern desktop, that still faces the possibility of over mixing modern and classic UI metaphors.
  • But for now, seems to pull it off with success. After a couple week’s useage I start to miss KDE.


  • Mate accepts you for who you are.
  • Mate feels beyond Gnome 2, inspired, yet surpassed in features and power.

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16 Responses to “Linux Mint 16 Review | LAS s29e09”

  1. Erich Eickmeyer Says:

    From the subreddit:

    Hey everyone. I have an idea which is becoming an experiment.

    You know how Linux Mint disables Level 4 & 5 updates by default
    because they deem those updates unstable? Well, I have an idea.

    Until LM 17 comes out (so, for the next 6 months) I am going to
    automatically apply Level 4 & 5 updates on three computers running
    Mint 16 to see if I can break them. If they don’t break, then Clem’s
    argument of security vs stability is invalid.

    My 3 computers have different architectures: a 64-bit Celeron, a
    32-bit Atom N270, and a 32-bit Atom N450. I consistently run the N270
    and Celerons, and my wife consistently runs the N450.

    The N270 computer (a HP Mini 1000 netbook) is tricky because it has
    errors when resuming from suspend on any kernel newer than 3.8, so it
    will be on the LTS 3.2 kernel. There is currently an in-progress bug
    report on the issue. Additionally, this machine will be running the MATE

    My hypothesis is this: None of the computers will break with the
    security updates, and will continue to be stable, thereby breaking Linux
    Mint’s theory that security updates break stability.

    Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

  2. Nigel Hixson Says:

    Is it just my eyes playing tricks, or does Matt’s thumb look strangely bent on that cover shot? I can’t bend my thumb that much.

  3. TexTheAdmin Says:

    My thumb does that too

  4. MATE fan Says:

    Great show!

  5. Daniel Sandman Says:

    I find it a little bit concerning you where so harsh on Jolla. I mean it is a phone which use systemd, wayland, pulseaudio, Qt5… pretty much a Gnu/Linux phone. It uses the same base (Mer) as the Improve and Plasma Active. It can run the Play store although is not officially supported. It has a community based UI called Nemo. It is not overly expensive. It is a product which you can buy today.

    It is *the* Linux phone. Would like you to give it a bit more love.

  6. Mohan Says:

    The stream cuts out around Amazon affiliates news. Went to finish the episode on YouTube.

  7. UnknownWeirdo Says:

    I sent this in an email to amazon today

    I purchased this item with an affiliate link to support the podcast network of my choosing, Jupiter Broadcasting. I could have sourced for this item from elsewhere and yet I made a choice to purchase this from amazon for their benefit.

    They have just announced that you have decided to withhold their affiliate payout for the past quarter due to issues with conforming with your terms of service.

    I hope you understand that I am horrified by this news and how cheated I feel now by Amazon, by your show of small-mindedness, of underhanded selective enforcement of rules.

    Please understand that unless this issue is cleared up, I will be actively discouraging everyone among my family, friends, community and even my clients from purchasing anything through Amazon.

    I hope you will take this chance to reconsider this decision and reevaluate the worth of withholding this minor payout compared to losing the trust and goodwill of the audience of an entire podcast network. This audience mainly consists of professional IT workers who are often influencers and even decision makers at work and in their social lives.[/endquote]

  8. Miquel Mayol i Tur Says:

    Did Amazon rejected the sells coming from jupiter broadcasting and refered it to other?
    So they stole you wirh a ilegal trick – ask any lawyer if you can negotiate an agreement – asking for all the money they stole you and a plus – And if you begin penal actions that mind jail time is cheaper .Ask for lawyers or contact old groklaw folks at the next show

  9. Miquel Mayol i Tur Says:

    MATE is an argentinian herb and CAJA is box in spanish probably someone know some spanish near you to teach you how to say it

  10. matthartley Says:

    Good eye! Yeah, I’m double jointed, although I think this is natural for my thumb though. :)

  11. Philipp Says:

    Dear all, I have just paused LAS to shoot Amazon the following email.


    To whom it may concern,

    I enjoy listening to the Jupiter Broadcasting Network, and their wellbeing is important to me.

    Apparently Amazon decided to take away their affiliate payout for the past three months due to issues with your terms of service. This seems pretty arbitrary to me – I see the exact same thing that Jupiter Broadcasting was doing on many other sites, apparently without you taking down their affiliate participation (or else they would have removed those links too).

    Plus I generally do not like your policy on this to begin with. As a tech savvy user I have used my position as go-to person and multiplier in my social and professional life not only to advise others on what phone, camera, software and the like to get themselves, or e.g. as a christmas present, I have also encouraged them to purchase at Amazon with the express purpose of supporting Jupiter Broadcasting.

    Please note that your decision on how to treat Jupiter Broadcasting over this has lost you this support.

    I am in fact feeling so cheated and disappointed that I will from now on advise my colleagues, friends, family and the rest of my social circle -against- purchasing at Amazon. I will instead propose they get their purchases at other suppliers, that are just as convenient for them.

    Amazon’s business is in large parts built on goodwill. Therefore I think you should know the real world costs of your actions.

    Kind regards

  12. unknownweirdo Says:

    I like your empirical zeal. Please do report back on how it goes. I’m guessing about 10-12 episodes down the road? Maybe you can write in with the results and LAS might be able to follow up on it

  13. Erich Eickmeyer Says:

    So far, I already discovered that, in order for the experiment to work, one must install the “linux-generic” metapackage, which overwrites Mint’s “linux-kernel-generic” package, which is simply Mint’s way of keeping the kernel from updating.

  14. James Says:

    I unsubscribed from Amazon email with following reason in “other”. Amazon treatment of Jupiter Broadcasting.

  15. James Says:

    Ola Miguel! half the fun of watching JB is watching them trip and stumble over words.

  16. Ryan McGuire Says:

    Just purchased 2 t-shirts to support the network. I’ll also be upping my monthly subscription in January. Thanks for the awesome content!

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