2014 Linux Predictions | LAS s30e03

2014 Linux Predictions | LAS s30e03

2014 is going to be a big year for Linux, but first we reflect on what was big in 2013, how we scored with our predictions, and then we look ahead to 2014.

Will the Steam Box be a flop? Is this a make it or break it year for Ubuntu? We’ll debate those topics and much more in our annual end of year action packed extravaganza…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Linux 2014 Predictions:


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Big Moments for 2013:

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We dust off our Action Crystal Balls and tell you what’s going to happen in 2013. We break the future down into major categories, and give it to you straight. The good, the bad, and the stupid.

Chris’ ACTION Crystal Balls:
  • GIMP Wows us with major plans to revamp parts of the UI.

  • Despite accelerated adoption (maybe the best growth year ever) in part thanks to Steam. The desktop will still fail to get the attention of some core compent OEMs as the explosive growth in “Internet of things” devices will dominate the attention of many. Software based networking, in-car infotainment, TVs, phones, etc.

  • Linux’s small footprint and ARM support will put it in the lead for new types of devices in the data center.

  • SteamOS will prove only moderately successful. It will help bring some great titles to Linux, and continue the gains seen in 2013. But at the end of 2014 we’ll feel like we’re waiting to see the next version of SteamOS/SteamBox before it’s ready to go mainstream.

  • Success with Ubuntu Mobile means a new type of customer for Canonical: The Carriers. This type of customer will be interested in features and abilities that an open source community will be in conflict with. This will further the divide between the long time Ubuntu fans, new Ubuntu users, and Canonical on the community.

  • A bad year for Windows on all fronts

Matt’s ACTION Crystal Balls:
  • ChromeOS will become the de facto face of Linux on the desktop; as seen by the adoption with Chromebooks outselling ANYTHING else on Amazon, other online retail outlets.

  • Web applications will have a greater impact on how we use software – using cloud apps will be even more common than in the past.

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4 Responses to “2014 Linux Predictions | LAS s30e03”

  1. Jason Redepenning Says:

    what was that Dock software were using for Gnome i think . any one knows

  2. I lol'd Says:

    I feel Matt really came through on this episode, he was hilarious at some points

  3. Charles LaCour Says:

    For funding you may want to look at https://subbable.com/

  4. Miquel Mayol i Tur Says:

    I think you must speak about this idea:

    About 100 to 200 USD STEAM BOXES – you said Steam boxes would be more expensive than consoles and perhaps there is no need to –

    I think any clever OEM can make a CHEAP one based in the new Intel celeron, that seems similar to the AMD SoC that actual consoles have but CHEAPER

    Most of the games would work great at 720p some even at 1080p – a resolution selector – and other settings – for each game depending of your hardware for each game will be provide by Steam -.

    And If you want to have a better console you will be able to add any GPU,and probably a 300 USD Nvidia one – matching MS and Sony consoles price – will make this boxes the most powerful consoles at the market.

    So the OEM can make 2 models or one upgradable model – where the BASIC 100 USD one has a silent and small power supply and as an add on a higher power supply probably noisy for the Nvidia or ATI power hungry discrete card that only will be used at hard gaming moments to save energy

    Also actual chromebooks hardware can be portable Steam boxes with hybrid HDDs at 720p and sometimes low settings.

    Actual Chromebooks hardware with any GNU/Linux pre installed for the international market – and even USA areas with less public wi fi access – would be great sales even at AIO market for cheap upgrading XP boxes to 21″ or 24″ screen 720p CHEAP models .

    And OEMs only would have to offer a model with a bigger hybrid HDD a GNU/Linux distro and a little more price at Amazon and other online shops.

    Perhaps SUSE Ubuntu or Red Hat can make limited editions with 10.000 numbered units with their logos and colors at this “pseudochromebooks” to test the international market for CHEAP and NO VIRUS home computing, and if they do not sell refurbish them and put Chrome OS at them


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