KDE 4.6 Review | LAS | s1504

KDE 4.6 Review | LAS | s1504

The Linux Action Show is climbing a mountain, WHY are we climbing a mountain? Because KDE 4.6 is HERE! We review!

THEN – The numbers for 2010 are IN, and they show that Linux professionals are worth a premium!


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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14 Responses to “KDE 4.6 Review | LAS | s1504”

  1. gumb Says:

    If I follow your suggestion and use Lynx to view godaddy.com, will Danica Patrick show in ASCII?

  2. Jedipottsy Says:

    KDE 4.6 is pretty awesome, and i like the export features added to gwenview, but im not feeling the libjpeg-turbo love, seriously dont know how i can live without the 2x speedup.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the level of integration is probably on par with os x, which is very good (except as an os it annoys me)

  4. TTUTPN Says:

    I love KDE and am amazed by the features, polish & integration. However I still tend to go back to GNOME because my brains gets “saturated” by the number of things on screen and of settings (some actions need more clicks too) and because the apps I use are more Gnome friendly (mozilla apps, libreoffice, inkscape, gimp). But KDE is amazing. I may switch to it fulltime, depending on what Gnome 3 turns out it be…

  5. Sergio Says:

    Hi great guys 😉
    Something wrong with the download link to the mp3 file?
    Ciao from Italy

  6. Кирил Владимиров Says:

    Since you were asking about great linux distribution that ships KDE fine as well: I’m going to propose you Arch Linux.

    Works like a charm, right after installing it 😉

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Tried KDE on Open Suse – crap. Hurled Open Suse out on it’s ass after ½ hour. Installed Kubuntu 10.10 instead, works much better, no issues – installed 4.6 looks good so far, no glitches. Have not been interested in KDE for kind of the same reason Bryan dislikes Firefox – buggy track record so why bother. Gnome may be dull looking – but it gets the job done reliably over time. KDE is not up to par with Gnome in that regard, at least for me. That said, I’m going to give Kubuntu KDE 4.6 a new and fair test run during the next couple of weeks – if no issues occur I might start to trust it with more serious work.
    Great show guys, funny intro with the donate people spin! ;D

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Issues so far after 2 days with Kubuntu KDE4.6. Installed F-Spot – crashes with a slew of errors. Crash report – PolicyKit1-KDE crashed when rebooting. Crash report – Plasma crashed when rebooting.
    I don’t know how one should define a great desktop but I’m guessing one without crashes is a good starting point. Going to stick with it for a couple of more days and see what happens next. Don’t like being fooled into beta-testing? Use Gnome.

  9. T_U Says:

    Well, I personally haven’t encountered a single *crash* in KDE 4.5.x or 4.6.x for months of daily use. But, I think KDE is much more demanding / touchy regarding versions of dependencies etc.

    Sure GNOME may seem to be more stable overall, but it also doesn’t (seem to) evolve at the same pace at all, and some important GNOME tools also have their share of bugs. (bugs in eog, totem, complete lockup triggered by drag and drop in some specific conditions…). All in all, at a constant level of features, I think GNOME is more buggy but it is less in actual use conditions.

    I don’t want to bash either camp. Actually, I love both GNOME & KDE and I can never make a choice (I love the simplicity of GNOME and the state of the art features of KDE). But I’m not one of those who think that “competition & choices” is necessarily great. I have the feeling we have two good desktops that both lack manpower, and some users like me are upset because they never know what to choose.

    Just my subjective opinion :) I do support both project but would prefer if there was only one of them, with the advantages of both :) But maybe there would just be fewer contributors if it was the case…

  10. T_U Says:

    Oops, double post sorry 😉

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I like the look and feel of the KDE-experience, I want to be able to use it. But as it stands it reminds me of the good old Windows does not respond days of the 90’s. Maybe Windows users a used to this and think nothing of it, but I have been blessed with Gnome for years – it just works and I demand the same of any desktop – polished or not.
    The latest glitch in KDE 4.6 happened this evening, tried to drag and drop a file from my NAS to the desktop – nothing happened and KDE hanged. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Log out and a crashreport appeared. Ok, enough with 4.6, reinstalled to Kubuntu 10.10 KDE 4.5.1 on Ext4, auto-updated (not to 4.6) and tried the same manouver. Drag and drop a file from my NAS to the Desktop – same shit, KDE does not respond. Right-click Copy and Right-click Paste works for the same file. This is with a fresh and updated install, the only things I have done are a Nvidia-driver install and also installed the QCAD design program.
    I hope KDE gets where it needs to be, soon. I like it, but several crash-reports when I have barely have had time to use it? Come on… Maybe I am doing something wrong, I don’t think so, but maybe I am?
    KDE deserves a place on one of my play-around machines, but for the day to day work Mint 10 Gnome rules supreme.

  12. Peter Pine Says:

    Hey Are you guys located in Everett, WA?

  13. Badevilcow Says:

    You guys made me want to check KDE 4.6 out. I run LMDE; and simply installed it via Synaptic, easy and painless. It’s pretty rad. Different, but I think I like it alot.

    Side note: It may or may not matter, but I sudo apt-get dist-upgrade every couple days, just for kicks. 😉

  14. Badevilcow Says:

    Then again, everything seems to come up millhouse on LMDE. Mmmmmm. Minty Debian. 64bit even. Nommmz.

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