Nokia Blows It | LAS | s15e06

Nokia Blows It | LAS | s15e06

Our world has been shaken by Nokia! Where does Nokia’s abandonment of Open Source leave MeeGo? And what can the average user do to reclaim power over their gadgets!

PLUS – Debian 6.0 is released, and we’ll tell you why it’s more important than ever!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Episode Show Notes:

Runs Linux:

Qnap Turbo NAS, Runs Linux.
Buy it on Amazon – JB Affiliate Link

Android Pick:

Tricorder TR-580
Network Info II
Android Picks so far, thanks to Madjo in the IRC Chat room!


Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” released
Why Debian Matters More Than Ever
MPEG LA begins search for WebM/VP8 patents
Alien Dalvik – Android apps on non-Android phones
Best Buy Will Hold a Pre-sale for the Motorola XOOM Starting February 17th

MeeGo’s Future:

Nokia workers mourn death of Symbian, thousands walk out
Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept revealed.
Nokia to developers: no Qt for Windows Phone development
Intel: “We’re Not Blinking on MeeGo”

Nokia to Receive Billions from Microsoft
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest ‘burning platform’ memo?

MeeGo Drops Netbooks?

Linux Cell Phone Distros:

Maemo –
Hildon –
Mer –
MeeGo –
OpenMoko –
Qtopia / QT Extended –


14 Responses to “Nokia Blows It | LAS | s15e06”

  1. Srulop Says:

    Maybe that’s why they have switched to Win7:
    …Or that Elop holds 3.18M of Microsoft shares and none of Nokia…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The thing he said about first beating Android need to be put in the right context. What he said was that they wanted to beat Android before they started compeating within the WP7 marketsegment.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Elop answered the stock question at MWC, and he’s simply following the laws.

    “About me being the 7th largest shareholder in Microsoft: that is not true. That would be a substantial amount of money that I don’t have… when I moved from Microsoft from Nokia, I was legally prohibited from selling my shares. As soon as that lifted, I began selling. But when our discussions began, I had to stop selling again — the laws are very clear. As soon as the legal restrictions lift, of course I’ll sell those shares. I have been given an equity position in Nokia” but that won’t be disclosed until later in the year for some financial and legal reasons.”

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Question is whether Nokia would prefer to be the sole supplier of Windows Phone devices. Elop: “Great question. What’s best for Nokia is an environment with multiple competitors creating an ecosystem.” Pretty straightforward — he doesn’t want to be the only maker of Windows Phone 7 devices.

    “That being said, as we achieve our first priority of beating Android, we’ll be competing within the Windows Phone ecosystem, and that’s fair.”

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The Microsoft kiss of death. Microsoft is a steamroller and this is just the way they have operated for decades. MeeGo = NooGo and Qt, well Qt is well established in the Linux-world (KDE, among others) and Microsoft will not hesitate to give Linux a broadside by snuffing the life out of Qt. I’m not sure what is most important to Microsoft – selling mobile phones or making war against Linux. In this case it looks like they can eat their cake and still have it. Great for Baldner and Microsoft, not so much for Linux. Nokia is just collateral damage.

  6. ex-meegouser Says:

    So damn sad :'(

  7. bng44270 Says:

    First off, love the show. Great real-world, yet enthusiastic, views on Linux. Maybe I’m the only weirdo who has no money and is stuck messing with older computers, but I have been really excited lately with messing with various small distros (DSL, TinyCore, Puppy Linux, Xubuntu, even Freesco). There’s something sweetly satisfying about getting an old dog of a computer running well with old stuff. This is my 2 cents about a subject for a show: tiny distros. It’s worth saying that some of these distro’s I’ve mentioned have some pretty unique features. While Puppy, for example doesn’t have a X server that functions with X over SSH, DSL does. Tiny core, while painfully minimalistic, has a Pixie boot server. YES THAT’S RIGHT!!!! A PIXIE BOOT SERVER!!!! There’s some cool stuff out there for old computers (and new ones).

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Not at all annoying with Windows Phone 7 advertising as intro for this episode (or any other).

  9. Madsrh Says:

    Hi Bryan and Chris
    I’m a HUGE fan of the show and have been forever! As a kid my mom used to sing the LAS theme to me when I had trouble sleeping.

    You guys always have an alternative spin on many of the news stories you present, and so one could wish you would expand the news sentiment 😉

    About Nokia and Windows Phone 7, I think Nokia is keeping it’s opportunities open for now, but I fear that if the Windows Phone platform takes off they might abandon MeeGo for good. I could hope that someone like Canonical (or SUSE because they have KDE as default desktop environment) would step in and take Trolltech off Nokias hands.

    Ones again, love the show, keep up the good work and you guys rock!

    PS: Bryan sounded like a doosh bag when he “predicted” that Ubuntu won’t ship Wayland this year. It has already been announced that 11.04 won’t ship Wayland. 11.10 will have *something* for testing it (like a PPA) available and then in 12.04 we might see it by default – if it’s ready. Bryan, get your freaking facts straight when you’re talking on the most awesome Linux show on the planet.

  10. Stuff Says:

    Can you PLEASE undo your recent change in which the chat appears onscreen at all times? The show is great, but now I can no longer go to fullscreen to escape the contents of the chatroom.

  11. ghost of RMS ;-) Says:

    mmh… Companies can do things “at will”, we need to “go grass roots”, “feel like a tool”, “who to trust/believe”. with all these realisations I thought you might be channeling RMS, i imagine he could easily say “told you so”!

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