Firefox Loves Linux | LAS | s15e08

Firefox Loves Linux | LAS | s15e08

The latest release of Firefox is near, and it’s rocking the broadest Linux support EVER!

Then – Our news docket is packed with so many juicy stories! We cherry pick the best, and make a tasty pie!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Episode Show Notes:

Runs Linux:

The FBCB2, Runx Linux
*Sent in by Jeremy Pierce
*Runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux
*The system assisted with Saddam’s capture
* “The blue force system is a component of the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below system (FBCB2), a communications platform built on Red Hat Linux to provide command capability and situational awareness in the field.”  That article is here.
*Pic of the system it self.

Android Pick:
AirAttack HD Lite
Android Picks so far, thanks to Madjo in the IRC Chat room!

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Canonical’s New Plan for Banshee
Splashtop OS Released To the Public

The Document Foundation Raises 50k in 8 Days
Official Gnome 3 LiveCDs Released
Ubuntu’s Indicator Applets Available for openSUSE
New Firefox 4 Mobile Beta Available for Android and Maemo
openSUSE 11.4 RC 2 is Out – Less than 2 weeks till Final
Amazon Prime Video Streaming Works in Linux
Fedora To Woo Designers With Booth at SXSW
PC-BSD 8.2 Ships


Boxee Box bug for JB Videos
XOOM Review from @TechHarvest
Jupiter Colony: Linux Action Show Sub Forum


6 Responses to “Firefox Loves Linux | LAS | s15e08”

  1. Stephen Badrobot Miller Says:

    With Jolicloud you can dual boot from within Windows to, no need for a CD or anything. I tried it on my desktop and it’s pretty neat. Also to uninstall you just double click the uninstall .exe bam done with no reboot. partitions with the grub bootloader too, try it out it’s great. Also a UK only exclusive Jolicloud netbook

  2. llewton Says:

    Firefox loves Linux? The fonts render like a monkey’s ass, GTK integration is horrid, and half the features available to other platforms will be missing from the new version in Linux. You’re full of propaganda manure.

  3. Max Boivin Says:

    I just want to say (something I’ve probably already said), I believe the main problem with linux is it’s low “market share”. In fact, with need more people running linux instead of windows or mac (not dual-boot) but, we’re kind of a vicious circle since most people use their computer mainly for gaming and most game are not native on linux and some time, not playable at all on linux and the game developer don’t bother making their game native to linux since… they know they’re not that much people with linux as their sole OS. Also, regular people still think that linux is hard and complicated and only for massive geek but, that’s not true anymore (especially since Ubuntu…). Also, the developer don’t necessarily want to offer support to all the different linux distro out there and, for the average customer, everything need to work “out of the box”.
    Also, in the same train of thought, I love what Fedora did at this festival because, that’s what we need to do. We need to grab people and show them that want they like to do can be done easily on linux, with free and open source software. I know that a lot of those artist or aspiring artist used craked version of Photoshop and 3dsMax and, that suck (but the license for those software are so expensive (and 3dsMax is really a piece of shit)).

  4. T_U Says:

    Just tried the beta 12 under Archlinux, the –enable-system-cairo option works again and font rendering is very good (to me :). Also the KDE integration is pretty good now (opensuse patches) but I wonder why they didn’t make it upstream.

  5. Mohan Says:

    Firefox 4 doesn’t work on my Archo 70. :'(
    But I am loving it on all my Ubuntu systems though, as it’s shaping up to be a awesome release.

  6. Iancu Dumitru Says:

    Hy from Rumania.
    I would like and if possible all the episodes of linux action show, and seasons can be divided in torrents.

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