Skills That Pay Bills | STOked 74

Skills That Pay Bills | STOked 74

How does Jack Emmert pay the bills? As the new CEO of Cryptic, of course! And how does Cryptic keep customers happy enough to pay their subscription fees, without rolling out new content? Find out this week in our Community Feedback segment, as we share YOUR ideas to get us all through this content dry-spell.

Also featured in this episode, we take a close look at the new Multi Vector Assault Mode skills and who would make the most use of this unique new feature. Then we’ll share with you an absolute must-have utility that will take your Demo Record skills to new heights, and may lead to the next evolution in STO-related machinima.

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Show Notes:

Jack Emmert takes over as CEO of Cryptic Studios
– His focus seems to be Neverwinter.
– His attention in STO has always leaned toward KDF, so this MIGHT help them some.
– Former CEO John Needham now working for Gazillion (LEGO U, SuperHero Squad, JGE)

Multi-Vector Assault Mode Hands on

This week’s Tweet Leaks:
A quick shot of Qo’nos upgrades being worked on (actually from last week – oops)
Another UI mock-up for the Duty Roster
More info courtesy of ThomasTheCrypticCat
CapnLogan reviews some finalists for the Design The Enterprise contest Confirmation:  “CBS will be picking the winners.”
Farktoid testing out the new ground combat systems
More info about the specifics of how it looks
EmergencyQAHologram mocks Stahlzilla openly!


MATH ( … sorta)
What is the Demo Tool?
Demo Record is a part of the Cryptic engine itself, built into the core of both STO and CO.
For a brief overview on using it, and some tips, you can watch STOked Episode 44 or download Mac’s PDF Guide.

Rachel Garrett (of STO-Wiki infamy) has created a DemoLauncher tool that allows you to easily workaround all the messy command lines necessary to launch .demo files after they are recorded.

In today’s episode, we’ll go over a few of the key features, explain how it works.

To download DemoLauncher CLICK HERE
To provide feedback for DemoLauncher CLICK HERE
This is an OPEN SOURCE project, and the source code can be viewed HERE.

Common Ideas:
– Foundry contest, more ported missions (like the 5 that came two months ago)
– Fix long-standing bugs (like graphics-related crashes, e.g.)
– In-game events hosted by GMs. Invasions, scavenger hunts, PvP weekends, etc.

Most folks said that content CANNOT STOP if they want to keep excitement as high as its been. Almost every suggestion, including folks that suggested the above ideas, also included new content roll-outs.

I think the lesson could be learned that your players’ appetite for content is only becoming more voracious, the more it gets fed. It was unfortunate that the most recent FE did not include repeatable dailies (an issue that may soon be remedied) as that would have extended the lifespan of the story arc slightly.

What classically “Trek” moments from TOS would you get excited to see in a Foundry mission? Specific scenarios, quotes, locations?



9 Responses to “Skills That Pay Bills | STOked 74”

  1. STOpvp-er Says:

    It would be great if you guys could do a take on cryptic’s blatantly destroying the pvp aspect of the game.

    They are actively ignoring the bugs that ruin pvp gameplay and deleting forum threads that point to them.
    Also as you probably know, there has been no pvp content from release, even one space map was removed from the game (the assault one)

    All these reasons are why many prominent pvp players have left the game and many more will leave soon

    Here are some links from the pvp forum about the things i wrote about

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll follow up on that stuff, nether of us PvP much, so I don’t follow that stuff to closley. But I have been known to enjoy a spot of pvp from time to time!


  3. TimJ Says:

    Cool, another fantastic episode guys :)

  4. STOpvp-er Says:

    Thank you, I have no doubt it will much appreciated by the pvp community.

    PS: Love your shows, been watching since STO open beta :)

  5. ZeroniusRex Says:

    Great show! I definitely squealed a little to see you talk about my arts and crafts project. Farktoid and I planned to make Goatshark and DStahl duel it out as paper dolls. We’re not sure yet who will stand in for T’Pring, though…

  6. Darkdrow_1 Says:

    This is a video that shows the exploit in action. Posting this got a lot of us banned.. some permanently from the forums. It does not show how to do it.. just that it can be done. They are trying to bury this guys.. don’t let them

  7. PerRock Says:

    for the new community feedback, has almost (if not) all the TOS episodes available to watch for free online.

    Peter (PerRock)

  8. pxz Says:

    Jeremy the key to your statement is “I don’t think anyone in their right mind has ever ground 500 emblems”

    You are correct… as although I have earned over 1000 emblems, I am clearly not in my right mind…

  9. Scinlao Says:

    (I realize this is a necropost)
    I am at a disadvantage. I only have pen and paper:

    Also, I was going to upload my other one, but it wont take it!!!

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