Ubuntu with Rodent | LUP 53

Ubuntu with Rodent | LUP 53

The new Beta of ElementaryOS has shipped and we discuss where they are heading, the problems with their community interaction, and the genius move they are taking with some tricky hardware support.

Plus the long term cost of Ubuntu Touch becoming successful, using ZFS on Linux successfully, and much more!

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Linux Security Threats on the Rise | Linux Journal


Freya Beta 1 Available for Developers & Testers | elementary OS

It’s been exactly one year since the release of the second version of elementary OS. On this, the day of our Lunaversary, we’re proud to make the first beta of elementary OS Freya publicly available for developers and testers.

Chromebooks get more useful with Elementary OS Beta

The Acer C720 has been tested and given a thumbs-up. The HP Chromebook 14 is untested physically but has been given a thumbs-up by the team because of its similarities with the Acer C720 profile. An ASUS Panther Chromebox has also been tested and verified.

elementary OS Freya on a Mac using rEFInd & EFI stub loading

This is why Linux is a winner: This is the computer lab I built last week in Malawi, Africa. Edubuntu on Chromebooks, DD-WRT Routers, and Raspberry Pi for Local Intranet

In the video you see Niall, the school’s head teacher (Principal/Headmaster) opening the door and showing off what we built together.

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