Meet Al Rivera | STOked 76

Meet Al Rivera | STOked 76

Star Trek Online’s Design Lead, Al “captaingeko” Rivera joins STOked this week for a “getting to know you” interview, and Al also co-hosts another fantastic Math segment with Jeremy that you won’t want to miss.

Plus: Our complete review of the new TOS Bundle that just hit the C-Store. Is this a must buy, or fluff features gone retro? Tune in to find out!

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Show Notes:

– $17.50 equivalent
– No functionality, but PRETTY
– Sound FX are AWESOME
– Entire crew is in TOS uniforms on ship (various)
– Open/Close windows in the Lounge
– Jefferies Tubes are traversible (with mini-zone)
The bundle also inclues TOS uniform variants and a TOS-era shuttle

Terradome should be more reliably complete-able
Interior cutscenes coming soon to Space Maps
– Craftable Delta Flyer now available – mission from Naomi Wildman

SpiderMitch’s Ship Charts


Accuracy vs. Defense – How To Hit The Enemy
-Download the speadsheet



Skipping April 2nd! There will be NO STOKED next week. Join us again LIVE the following Saturday @ 11am PDT.

When we return LIVE on April 9th, we’ll dedicate an entire episode to the newly-launched FOUNDRY on Holodeck.

How you can help: Send us Foundry mission suggestions, and we will review a couple on that show.

We’ll also try and have Foundry building tutorials or tips… something! Join us then, to find out!


10 Responses to “Meet Al Rivera | STOked 76”

  1. Gustavo Says:

    My thoughts on the Delta Flyer (or Delta class shuttle) crafting mission is that i finally have a motive to use my shuttle and also another motive to grab some anomalies. I already got a good amount of anomalies in the 4 days of the daily. After i finish watching this STOked, i will do my 5th daily.

    BTW, to craft the Delta Flyer, you need the schematic from the daily and 20 of each Tier 1 anomalies (the Red ones).

  2. ZeroBANG Says:

    Delta Flyer:
    the good:
    – you can do your B’Tran daily with it +4 Emblems /day, not much extra wasted time
    – you probably want to avoid combat mission -> + 30 DXP /day (that is + 300 DXP for the complete Delta Flyer grind if you keep it up)
    – + anomalys
    – + you get a Delta Flyer
    4 grinds in one.
    and you only have to do it every 2 days realy because if you accept it on day one and do it on day 2 the daily cooldown is allready over and you can do it 2 times in a row -> so 5 days of work for the Delta Flyer realy.

    the bad:
    – Combat Missions will RAPE you! (how about scaling the combat missions down to shuttle size if you’re in a Shuttle? Would that be something for the Exploration Sector Revamp?)
    – still no Shuttle PVP.
    – it uses ANOTHER Ship Slot -> i now have the Type 9, Type F (TOS), DS9 Runabout, Captains Yacht and the Delta Flyer incomming… and those are shuttles, i mean SHUTTLES!
    There are just 2 things to do with them right now, The Vault and Delta Daily…

    TOS Set:
    there is also a TOS Black+White Phaser in the Pack,
    the bad: it is only a “common” (white) one
    the good: it scales!

    and yes i DO want a PROPER Galaxy- / Defiant- / Intrepid- / NX-01- Interrior set now and Bridges that are 1:1 REPLICAS, not only this “ispired by”-Versions that *kinda* look like it, but only if you try not to look at it …at all!

    Oh and if i see one more BLUE LCARS Wallpaper randomly thrown on anything that looks like a Screen… only because the texture guys are to lazy to put a proper LCARS screen on that Console…. ooooh no no no nerdrage +150% !

    Proper LCARS + Okudagrams please!

    Anything less then Canon is not accaptable anymore from this day!

    the good:
    we allready have 3 very high rated missions only 1 day after launch! *yay*
    the bad:
    now i do not want to do the boring dalies anymore, but still need to collect those 500 Emblems for the MVAM Prometheus somehow *grr*
    Just gimme Emblems for doing Foundry missions plz (make it another daily so it can’t be abused).

  3. Zeb Says:

    I’m a Huge TOS fan, but I’m an even bigger STII-STVI fan. My fondest dream for STO right now is a movie era interior, Refit movie era Constitution, and a TWOK jacket with upgradeable rank insignia. Oh man, am I alone here?

  4. William Says:

    Are you all going to cover more “controversial issues” with the game? Such as poor customer support or all the content being dumped into the C-Store? It seems like the show is just a cheering section for STO and Cryptic Studios. I guess you all won’t bite the hand that feeds you. Kind of sad to see so many of these podcasts getting away from real journalism.

  5. CedricO Says:

    sad that they put all that effort into a shit ToS style interior. so much wasted time :s

  6. Rextrek1 Says:

    I think its cool to have my TOS interior in My Ultra Modern Multi-Vector ship ……the Interior Im really waiting for is Voyager’s or Enterprise’s?

  7. Peter Langdon Says:

    Honestly, I would LOVE to see an Enterprise interior set, especially the bridge. ^_^ And yes, I WOULD buy all the other ship sets if they came out on the C-Store.

    I’m really hoping they set up Foundry to be able to make cut-scenes eventually.

  8. Peter Langdon Says:

    FOUNDRY SHIP INTERIORS – What about setting every interior map set with “mission anchors”; every map would have set places that can be linked to various different mission “items”, like engineering would have 3 or 4 different consoles built into the map by default that were inert, but within the Foundry it gives a generic “ship interior” and the anchors show as nodes that mission objectives & enemy group placements can be “connected” to (maybe similar to how in the game consoles are slotted to ships), so no matter which layout the player has, all the “anchors” are streamlined to match each other? There could be different types of anchors; doors, forcefields, enemy, console, NPC… etc, etc. This could be done in a “segment by segment” way as well, separating rooms & hallways into separate maps to be edited in the Foundry. Is that something that could work?

  9. PatricianVetinari Says:

    Al says base Accuracy is 100%, that if a target has no Defense, you always hit. The in game tooltip for Accuracy says the base is 95%. I wonder which is correct, and if it’s Al, then two things: 1) Can we get a Tooltip edit/correction? 2) I’m a little disappointed. I like the idea that no one’s perfect, that there’s always *some* chance of failure/a miss (granted, only 5%, but still…).

  10. Moebius Says:

    Is that Jem’Hadar in helm an actual Jem’Hadar BOf or just a very well done Alien?
    If it’s a Jem’Hadar, how do you get it?

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