Gnome 3 Review | LAS | s16e05

Gnome 3 Review | LAS | s16e05

Perched on our front porch and ready to spring into ACTION, we review Gnome 3! Are the punk kids making a mess of our lawn, or is this the future of desktop Linux? We discuss!

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Runs Linux:
Russia will be running Linux by 2012

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Here’s The Third Humble Indie Bundle
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-With two of the five titles coming from the Frozenbyte game studio.
-Trine: a side-scrolling puzzle game released by Frozenbyte in 2009, making the Linux debut. to become a “community-based project”
Some Ubuntu Unity usability testing results


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17 Responses to “Gnome 3 Review | LAS | s16e05”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m going to have to go to JupiterColony all my thoughts out and answered I think.

    In summary… This will be perfect for my 10 inch netvertible touchscreen (Viliv S10, but I doubt I can get it to work). ABSOLUTELY unusable with my Desktop. I’m hurt like you guys. I started with KDE, tried it recently, and just personally don’t like it as much, and I think Unity is going to be just like this when it comes to my Desktop. I guess I’m staying with Gnome 3.x. Not to mention all my Conky/theme/setup absolutely beautiful and perfect.

  2. Ivan Says:

    KDE’s KWin does it :) (desktop grid effect has a +/- button to add and remove VDs on the go, and naturally, you can dnd windows between VDs)

  3. RubberxD Says:

    Linix doesn’t have that windows and mac have, and that’s industry pressure and investor buggie-ness. they can do things that are great ideas have everyone agree that they’re great and then do them. windows and mac, not much much.

  4. Gooffree Says:

    Brian and Chris– Love your show! You’re like the “Fernwood 2 Night” duo Barth Gimble (Martin Mull) and Jerry Hubbard (Fred Willard) of the late night show talk circuit … –Jeff Wynne … P.S. Love Fedora, so eat my hat ;o)

  5. Simon Says:

    Audio skips ahead at 0:52:25, so it’s off sync afterwards.

    Great show, loved your Gnome 3 review! :)

  6. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    If you don’t like Unity or Gnome Shell I would recommand you to take a look at Xfce.

  7. Hans Heintze Says:

    in soviet Russia, Linux runs you!

  8. KatsumeBlisk Says:

    If you want a more traditional GNOME experience by default, starting with 11, Linux Mint is using GNOME 3, but configured similar to the current Linux Mint release. It’s quite awesome.

  9. Mohan Says:

    I have been running Gnome shell for a good week now on my spare computer, and I just can’t see myself been too productive with it, sadly. But it is nice system, and the notification system in it rocks.

  10. Theorysavage Says:

    Seidio makes kickass extended batteries…my htc incredible never lasted a day with heavy usage, with the 3500 I get easily a day heavy use, and can last several days if I’m not using it too heavily. I never have to worry about running out of battery in one day anymore. I think they have a similar one for EVO. …it makes your phone a little thicker but it’s worth it.

  11. Garrett W. Says:

    LibreOffice absorbed the Go-OO fork of OOo which had some additional functionality, so those things, in addition to the new icons, are what makes LibreOffice better than OOo. See

  12. Matias Kangasjärvelä Says:

    Finland has been using linux for years. Slow russia

  13. Philip Kaskela Says:

    in south africa they pronounce ubuntu ‘oo-boon-too’ and they would know since it’s a zulu/xhosa word

  14. Alex West Says:

    What if we held “alt” to toggle more things than just Power, but maybe settings as well? It could save a lot of space. And for toggle switches, what if it detected which input you’re using and used the correct toggle for each input (slider for touch, checkmark for mouse), and holding “alt” would go to the one that wouldn’t be used by default with said input? That would be a unique approach and it might sell me on GNOME 3. Until then, I’m sticking with GNOME 2 on my 10.10 install.

  15. MrGizmo757 Says:

    of course Windows software is pirated. it Cost way to Much and dose way to Little.

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