Google’s Brillo Pad | CR 155

Google’s Brillo Pad | CR 155

Google may be planning to scrub the grime away from the Internet of Things devices with a new operating system designed for low resources in mind.

We debate what Google’s rumored Brillo OS would look like & the impact it could have on Canonicals big plans for Ubuntu Snappy.

Plus Mike ponders switching to BSD, Google Play services in a library & GBA games in your browser.

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Project(s) of the Week

Source for GBA
The Emulation Game | LAS 365
Google Play Services from PTDave

The Pre-IO Calm

In a post in the /r/Android subreddit, an engineer of Chrome for Android announced that the mobile browser is now “almost entirely open source,” with the bulk of its code now available in the open source Chromium repository just like its desktop sibling. To explain the use of the word ‘almost’ in layman’s terms, Google saves certain features — particularly those which communicate with your Google account — for its commercial version of Chromium, which is the Chrome browser.


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