Rumor Smashing | STOked 82

Rumor Smashing | STOked 82

We bring on Star Trek Online’s lead designer to chat about recent news, update us on season 4, the Duty Officer System, and to smash a few rumors!

Plus – We do a quick recap of the Devidian series and it’s new rewards, chat a bit about the 500 day vet award details, plus some amazing shots from the dev’s twitter feeds this week!

We wrap up the episode with our poll results from last week, and your epic answers! And much, much more!

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Show Notes:


Devidian Series reruns:
– Ground shield reward for “Skirmish”

Romulan Series reruns coming soon!
– Prize = an attack Horta schematic (must be crafted)

500 day Vet Reward announced
– Includes 250 Emblems (if this trend continues… free ship @ 600 days, and every 200 after)
– KDF Shoulder Cape that they’ve been asking for
– Jupiter Uniform (more info)

An updated look at the Doff interface
An accompanying thread to explain some of the details
– Can inactive boffs join the duty roster? Not at this time, but maybe someday.
– Why no KDF version leaked? Not done yet (uh oh…)
– 2 depts per division + Civilian
** Civs cannot be placed on active duty, but can be sent on assignments.
– Doffs cannot be promoted or customized – they are what they are.
– Only the lowest quality doffs can die on assignments, the rest go to sickbay to recoup.
A shuttle cutscene for assignment initiation?

Follow up Thread: There will be several ways of acquiring duty officers; some of these we can talk about now, others are still being investigated.
* Certain “Recruitment” assignments (with no doff slotting requirements)
* Rewards for certain accolades
* Possibly a starting batch of common duty officers will be granted to players, probably modified by player level

Info on Starfleet Academy / Tutorials
When will we see them?
“The zone will become available for Devs to use with S4, then content will slowly trickle into it.”
What about the Tutorials?
“Postponed. New content for EVERYbody takes higher priority.”
What about skipping the tutorial, and starting as a Klingon?
“Still a work in progress. But both are almost finalized.”

Tweet Leaks
– Interior of Starfleet Academy office:
– Garden at Starfleet Academy:
– 500 day Jupiter Uniform variant:
– IDIC Badge!
– Peregrine with Breen engine + Reman shield:



Ship info link:


“What Makes A Good Enterprise?”

Poll feedback:
The Captain  — 28.88%
Warp nacelles/pylons — 24.29%
The Crew — 19.91%
Secondary hull/deflector — 18.6%
The strong neck  — 8.32%

Specific responses:
– Tabmaine: “The secondary hull is where a new design should start. If you change its shape, the rest of the ship has to be changed to fit the new shape.”
– nshepard: “It has to look like an interstellar hot rod. Like it’s doing Warp 10 when sitting still.”
– arm514: “It’s a combo of a saucer, secondary + 2 nacelles.” (Pic of NX + secondary)
– Omega_Glory: Link to Roddenberry’s design rules.
– Capn_Logan: Don’t worry about it!
– Original creator made a new mock-up to show more detail: (PIC)

“What do you need to know about the Doff System?”

I have no Foundry suggestions this week, because I’ve been busy launching The MMOrgue!

Foundry Picks from the live chatroom:
Rema Donna
Do Dukat
Saving Ensign Ryan
Currents Turned Awry
KDF: 99 Bottles of Ale in the Hall


40 Responses to “Rumor Smashing | STOked 82”

  1. TimJ. Says:

    The only question I wanna know is when can we expect better ship interiors and would it be like a specific type for each class? (and more ST size bridges)


  2. Vanessa Says:

    I need to know if the missions our Doffs undertake will result in submitted mission reports. I for one wouldn’t mind getting my Doffs back and getting a little one-page summary of the initial missions purpose and any and all misadventures my Doffs got into during their deployment.

  3. Jimjim Says:

    Epic epic epic. Thanks guys!!

  4. Jimjim Says:

    I second the android app (or 3rd it, as the case may be)…

  5. Tyron_jara Says:

    What ships positions will our Doffs be undertaking?

  6. Tyron_jara Says:

    Sorry forgot to add this in. As most of us are admirals now would it be possible to promote one bridge officer to captain seperate to your senior officers to fill a position of admirals adjutant. This is a link to one Star Trek Adjutant

  7. Cpt.Clango Says:

     It is my birthday soon lol

  8. CedricO Says:

    CBS just sends their hired goons “Acquire” that kind of stuff 😛 

  9. CedricO Says:

     *to. crud, cant edit these things ? 😛

  10. PH Says:

     I’d say inserting “Crew” and “Captain” options probably skewed the vote away from a purely visual thing…

  11. Sricossajr Says:

    New Qo’nos will make it in, but not klingon boot camp or Star Fleet Academy.

  12. Mishu Says:

    I saw that everyone thinks that Data would be a great captain of the Enterprise, but did everyone forget that Data Died? Admittedly they can use  B4 as Data, but the original Data no longer exsists.

  13. Balcoth Malek Says:

     Finally we can do also anomaly gathering missions with duty officers,no more grinding peeps…

  14. JustynThyme Says:

     What you’re missing is that they restored Data from the backup that he inadvertently made of himself when he copied his data files into B4 in an attempt to improve B4.  This was lightly covered in the Path to 2409, and covered more fully in the STO launch novel, “Needs of the Many”.

  15. dreamingbadger Says:

    just as an aside did people realise you can repeat the Devidian series every 30 minutes, e.g. they have a 30min cool down!  I though it was meant to be daily! 

  16. Mario Rodriguez Says:

     Garak is an old spook (Obsidian Order Agent) and the Cake is a Lie!!!

    Great show guys!!!

  17. Anze G Says:

    I dont get it. I though Data died at the end of Nemisis? Did B4 get renamed or did they build a new one?

    Also the ending flyby looked almost like warp. Remove the circle and fly straight and it would look even cooler :)

  18. Eric Beresky Says:

    cryprtic is being sold by atari is this good or really bad? 

  19. @Commander88 Says:

    And it also had further discussion in the graphic novel tie-in to the JJ Abrams movie. 

  20. James McEwan Says:

    the first thing I have to ask is can you trade officers with other players or can to players in the same team send their doff into the same mission to increase their chances to complete ?
     will doff get ranks or levels ?
    will they bring special powers to your tray like an enhances transport or phaser beam cut something that they provide to give you extra powers ?  
    will they improve your stats like extra health for your ship or better shield reg ?
    will you be able to interact with your doffs on your ship ?
    will doff have personal missions something from there past to show up or they family have been killed by such and request you help him and once you help him he gives you more ?
    will so doff give you secret research recipes to build special devices or weapons ?
    will doff request r and r ?
    will you pick special doff in secret drops like say you do an diplomatic mission and say someone from the planet wants to defect to your ship ?
    will there be a moral system for the doff ?
    will there be speacl commands for doff like chef engineer or head of securty and will they bring specal buffs ?

    j man chris hope these question will help you guys loved the show last week wont make this weekend but will catch it on tuesday

    i also have something else to ask you non doff  i hear rommers that atarl are selling cryptic should we worry who they sell it to as thay may want to make changes if this is not ture then pheww :) take care you guys

  21. James McEwan Says:

    also one more point in in regards to data taking command of the new enterprise no thanks i just do see him as the guy that in commanding the flag ship it they should just make someone up but have the same personalty as kirk a risk taker someone with guts born in the fire of war as this is the kinda captain that it needed in times of great war :) 

  22. Mishu Says:

    Yeah I assumed as much, but hadn’t actually read any of those things for comformation. They hinted at that at the end of nemesis so I assumed that’s what they ment when they said Data became the captain of the E 

  23. Guest from Europe Says:

    Yes, its true, Atari wants to sell Cryptic as soon as possible.

    Cryptic failed.
    The Game is not Bad, but i have never seen so ugly Support, no Lokalisation, no Support to the European Customers.
    Cryptic and Atari are so stupid … they told the European Community: “OK, give us your Money and then piss off … 
    The German Market is the 2nd biggest Star Trek Market in the World.
    I am not wondering that Atari want to sell this loosers as soon as possible. The next Question is: Who wants to buy this Crap No Name Studio.
    And to Atari: Fire your Management and go back to your Roots ans learn from another Puplishers how to create really good Games. (Look to Blizzard or Bioware/LucasArts)

  24. Z360nfl Says:

    Great I get to watch a bunch of sucky ad’s now! 

  25. ZeroBANG Says:

    no way to tell… they are realy cryptic about what is going on…

  26. ZeroBANG Says:

    yep they basically activated the files Data copied over to B4 in Nemesis and B4 became Data… at least that is what it boils down to.

  27. Prynce Says:

     Huge backlash developing on the forums. See

  28. Ecoziddax Says:

    Im really afraid of loosing STO! Do something an bring on some news please! :(

  29. Valdecktheorigonal Says:

    Did anyone else notice that when he talked about ground combat and the revamp and how they re did the damage on the guns so that in you got a better color it was more DPS he also through in a comment to the effect of “We did this in ground, and space to, blah blah blah…” do you think space weapon DPS will be totally new all over again? 

  30. Roach Says:

    Long coats. We’ve been asking for long coats…….

    Though the cape looks awesome!!
    and oddly “dandy-ish” as well, which is not something normally associates with the Klingon race.

    I imagine the Shakespeare based KDF foundry missions will really look good with this costume addition.

  31. Roach Says:

    Gun changes? Does this mean we will lose those weapons when they change or that they will just become the new designs?

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  33. Joey Says:

    go back to WoW

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