I’m OOPting Out | CR 189

I’m OOPting Out | CR 189

We discuss a compelling case against Object-Oriented programming, is it truly all bad? Plus the cold chills the new Rails Doctrine gives us, the worrying long-term ramifications of progress over stability & convention vs configuration strategy.

Plus a chat about the market position of Jetbrains’ AppCode, blaming Java & unplanning your work and travels.

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Unplanning your Work and Life

We don’t like planning…seriously we try to do as little of it as possible.

Object Oriented Programming is Bad

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  • OO Ideal VS Reality
  • Is Duke (Java) to blame?
  • Too much state is the enemy

Rails Doctrine

  • Progress Over Stability
  • Response to Rails market position?
  • Oh My Omakase

AppCode Review


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