Jupiter@Nite 2.0 | J@N | 200

Jupiter@Nite  2.0 | J@N | 200

We reboot a fan favorite with a full massive Jupiter cast! In tonight’s episode we chat about William Shatner in Star Trek 2, the bad news about Hell boy 3, the good Torchwood news, Spider-Man’s death, plus much more!

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18 Responses to “Jupiter@Nite 2.0 | J@N | 200”

  1. Jimjim Says:

    Haha “I can read.” Zing!

  2. Anonymous Says:

     I have to go on record and say that X-men: First Class SUCKED!!! It was so bad. I don’t know how so many people like it. I’m puzzled. It was really bad all around. It would have been a good theater play but not a good movie.

  3. Ellessacrifice Says:

    Love this!!!! And people liked X-Men First Class because James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence are great actors.

  4. Ellessacrifice Says:

    lol You guys should review Glee or the Dc 52 new number ones!

  5. Robert Rodrigurz Says:

    OMG, this was one of the Very Best episodes you guys have ever done I laughed a lot had a Good time watching keep up J@N in this format 

  6. OldMan Says:

    Drop the season crap and just got to show numbers like STOKED look tens times better when you say show #175 vs Season X and Show X. Plus it is much easyer for people to do seaches for it Also sounds better

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not sure I quite follow, what your describing is how Jupiter@Nite is done… This was Episode #200.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Jeremy seems drunk in this episode. Lethargic. Maybe it’s the pace of the show.

    having not seem any of the episodes in a few weeks, it looks like his diet is working. 

    great show.

  9. Xalen_Maru Says:

    Awesome episode guys!  Glad to see that JAN is back.  Had very much been missing it.

  10. Omega2550 Says:

    Hi guys the new TORCHWOOD series starts on SPACE HD on July 8 and goes weekly until Aug.18th

     Now how you see it here is up to you guys to figure out.

     Check out this links for more information


  11. Omega2550 Says:

    Also check out the media page for more TORCHWOOD information at http://www.doctorwhonews.net

  12. NewMan Says:

    He is probably talking about LAS, and I agree!

  13. Doug Says:

     Awesome! I’m glad you started this. I missed Castablasta.

  14. Confezzor Says:

    what a weird first 8 mins of this show lol…..

  15. david Says:

    I love the show, but one recommendation that I think is vitally important is format. Like all great shows/podcasts/late night talk shows etc. there has to be segments and transitions. LAS is a good example. I truly think this one of the reasons it’s so popular.
    I’d like to see a little segment that involves some kind of game/quiz. Those are always fun; the audience gets to play along on long drives.
    If the idea is impromptu chit-chat among friends it has to be within the context of whichever segment the show is on. Random conversation alone is not enough. I can’t think of a single online show or podcast that doesn’t have structure.
    If the secret to real estate is location, location, location, then the secret to good broadcasting is format, format, format.

    That’s just my 2 cents. Keep up the awesome work!


  16. Hugablysoft Says:

    the show was great I still miss the old jupiter brodcasting nightly show but ya’ll did a great job , i love the layout, ya need to put it back in the forums so we can make comints there,

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