Haiku Review | LAS | s17e05

Haiku Review | LAS | s17e05

We get caught in bed with another lady, and her name is Haiku! We give you a FULL review of this crazy great system, and why it just might give Linux a run for it’s money!

THEN – We react to Apple suing the Amahi project. Hint: We don’t like it!

Plus so much MORE!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Episode Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Amazon EC2 now runs Red Hat Linux
Danica Patrick Day!
Android Pick:
Lookout Mobile Security
Android Picks so far, thanks to Madjo in the IRC Chat room

Linux Pick:
Linux App Picks so far. Thanks to Madjo!

Apple hits Open Source startup Amahi with a cease and desist
Introducing the Nokia N9
MeeGo UX Guidelines
Nokia N9 first hands-on!
Stephen Elop’s Nokia Adventure
Sabayon Linux 6 is OUT!
Sabayon Looks Better Than Ever
Oracle wants billion-dollar amount from Google
GNOME Shell Extensions To Get A Website With One-Click Install Support

Haiku Alpha 3 REVIEW:
Haiku Project Homepage
Hands-on: running Haiku alpha 3 on a netbook

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11 Responses to “Haiku Review | LAS | s17e05”

  1. Mokusei Says:

    Pole.  Love the video, fellas.  Thank you !

  2. Mohan Says:

    Posting this via Haiku Alpha 3, going to installing it not only on my VirtualBox install (updating form Alpha 2) and also on my Asus EeeBox. :)

  3. Mike4ca Says:

    How about the FLOSS Action Show!  No problem here with you talking about other free and open source systems.  It is more positive and fun than some of the lawsuit news of late.  And I have to admit, I was getting burned out on all of the distro release reviews earlier this year.

  4. Jon Says:

    What about the Nokia n950 Meego developer phone?  It has the keyboard, though you have to be a developer to obtain one.

    I guess it is a pretty exclusive club, you need to become LaunchPad member before you can get one: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Developer_Programs/Launchpad.xhtml

    Release Note: http://www.developer.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/3744886f-69c1-4544-8ad3-72b352b4a832/Nokia_N950_OneClickFlashers_Release_Notes.html

    Article: http://newstonight.net/content/nokia-n950-gets-video-tease

    The deadline for submitting requests is 31 July 2011.

    I guess it is the one phone to rule them all. LOL… or that’s what it seems like.

  5. variaatio Says:

    Hey Brian and everyone else
    Great show.
    About N9 root access etc. I watched a hands on video about that. Somebody happened to ask one nokia rep about openness etc. during Nokia Connection in Singapore.

    Without blinking the nokia rep swipes himself to the settings dialog to show him two settings. These were:
    -enable software installation from outside Ovi store. Rep said that after this you can add any repos to software sources. Also just opening .deb from email or other source will launch installer. So basicly full sideloading.
    -enable developer mode. The heavy weight mode. This will cause the phone not only give more access, but will automaticly download the needed developer environment packages from Nokia. Terminal emulators, SDK packages… The whole set. After this you can hook the phone directly to the desktop QT SDK with USB. Aren’t they nice or what.

    According to rep both will be turned off by default, because this phone has a “consumer focus”. So they will be off to prevent basic users from nuking phones by accident. This is just common sense to me.  but if you want to you can just read the usually very harsh and terrifying Nokia style “Are you absolutely sure, that you know what you are doing?”-message and enable full developer access. Rep said you can install your own kernels, if you want to. 8)

    So Brian  no worries. you can haz roots. I’m guessing nokia engineers got fed up with Elops plans and put all the nice geeky things on this phone for just the heck of it.

    Oh, for your listening pleasure the friendly nokia rep via mynokiablog:

  6. Halfvulcan Says:

     “Where does Linux even fit on the netbook??? LXDE is very snappy. But for some reason, you guys and most of the rest of the community stick with big bloated environments.  Sure, probably a better “experience” if you don’t count the delay behind everything you run and the high system overhead, but why???? For the love of speed, if people want performance, LXDE and other desktop environments exist and are being somewhat ignored.  And who doesn’t want performance? It’s only logical to choose the environment that’s snappy and uses very little memory and CPU, whether you’re on a netbook or a $4,000 gaming rig.
    I ran LXDE under Ubuntu for a while and ended up switching to Debian because I realized Ubuntu had nothng I needed really that hadn’t already made its way into Debian.  And I’m using the old EEE PC701 with 512 MB ram and 4 gigs of hard drive.  It operates very fast becasue I don’t bog it down wth bloat.  I’ve needed to bash-script a bit to get some functionality I would have otherwise needed a  large app for, but otherwise it does everything I need, and my needs are somewhat advanced.
    But, yep, Haiku does look sweet, and undoubtedly it rocks on performance. 5 second boot?  My jaw dropped.  I’ve been loosely following it for years, but hadn’t heard about it for a while.  Thanks so much for catching us up. I’m approaching interest in Haiku for my own use at this point.

  7. Naali Says:

    I enjoyed the Haiku segment.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing any future segments about free and opensource software.

  8. Ryan Leavengood Says:

    Thanks so much for such a positive review of Haiku!

    I definitely have many plans to improve WebPositive and add support for HTML5 video and Flash though Gnash or however we can pull it off. I live in a browser most of the time so I know how important a good browser is. Maybe some day we’ll have an updated Firefox and a Chromium port, but for now we are putting our main web browser efforts into WebPositive.Also even as a Haiku developer I agree the lack of software is a big problem. Obviously once Haiku R1 is out (and to some extent before that) we Haiku developers will spend time working on apps, but we can’t do it all alone. So any developers who want to try something a little different and to have their contributions REALLY appreciated, please try developing some nice apps for Haiku!Also darktable looks really nice and I definitely intend to test it out on my Linux machine.- Ryan Leavengood, Haiku developer and Linux user

  9. Vadim Bobkovsky Says:

    WebPositive is great. I don’t really care about gnash, especially if it’s bloated and don’t really fit into Haiku setting. If only Adobe would release small plugin/library… Oh, well. The thing now is to deliver full HTML 5 and WebM support.

    Also, haiku error messages please, it’s just adorable.

  10. nulll Says:

    This episode, and the previous one (about Amahi) are your best episodes so far. Keep up the trend. Cheers!

  11. Ricky Mujica Says:

    I love the Haiku segment!

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