16.04 and Shut Your Face | LUP 141

16.04 and Shut Your Face | LUP 141

We get a little rambunctious as we talk about Ubuntu 16.04, why not the openSUSE Build Server & the remarkable problem with Ubuntu that’s just now being solved.

Plus some audio never meant for public release, updates on your favorite projects, first hands on with the Bq Ubuntu Tablet & more!



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Show Notes:

Follow Up / Catch Up

And We’re Off: World’s First Ubuntu Tablet Is Now Shipping

Yes, if you pre-ordered one of the Ubuntu-powered slates from Bq last month you’ll want to keep an eye your email address over the coming days.


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Ubuntu 16.04 Review Follow Up

Few things that were not mentioned in LAS:

  • new option to always show menu has been added
  • client side decoration is fully supported in Unity
  • Gnome Calendar is installed by default
  • Empathy has been removed similar to Brasero as not many people use desktop IM clients
  • Startup Disk Creator have been update, and actually works
  • Gnome Software has proper notifications (what Noah was saying has been fixed)
  • Music and Messaging menus are dynamic now, for example if you use VLC to play media only controls for that player show up
  • Unity now support 3rd party themes better
  • most software are set to optional, so you can uninstall a key software and it won’t break your system
  • The launcher, not only can you move it to the bottom, it also shows the icon of the application you launched to let the user know that it has been launched and is loading (for slower computers, this will help the user from accidentally launching it again)
  • Launcher now properly shows different instances of nautilus (i.e. USB CD, Trash, Downloads, etc. are shown separately and not all clumped into one icon of Files)
  • Gnome Software got comments and rating support

Linux Academy

Follow Up Pt 2

Again, it’s the out-of-the-box experience on each of the desktop environments without any tweaking. There’s also some desktop environment developers that recommend running Linux games in their own X.Org Server, etc.

Daily Build of Gnome 16.04 using installation option to Erase Disk and Install fails with following message:
“The creation of swap space in Partition #5 of SCSi3(0,0,0) (sda) failed.

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