Snap, Flaps & Package Drops | LUP 146

Snap, Flaps & Package Drops | LUP 146

Package once, run anywhere. It’s always almost here, just around the corner, in the near future. But are we finally about to nail it? We look at Flatpack, Snaps, AppImage, ask what stands out from the pack & which will fall flat.

Plus why you’re going to want to wait on that systemd upgrade, funding projects with a rocky past, the big thing about Mycroft no one is talking about & we try out Mycroft on the desktop.



Linux Academy

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The days of chasing multiple Linux distributions are over. Standalone apps for Linux are here!

systemd v230

The IAID and DUID unique identifier sent in DHCP requests may now be configured for the system and each .network file managed by systemd-networkd using the DUIDType=,DUIDRawData=, IAID= options.

[There is now an open source driver and GTK3 based UI for interacting with the Steam Controller (

Steam Controller Screen Shot

Yum Extender – A Graphical frontend tool for YUM/DNF


The Italian Army Switches to LibreOffice

Following announcements made last year, the Italian army has moved forward with its plan to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice. So far, the army has tested its transition plan across 5000 workstations without significant problems. Following its LibreDifesa plan, the army aims to replace all MS Office installations by the end of the year.

New Tool Promises to Help You Create Your Own Arch Linux Package Repositories

Think of arch-ppa like a DIY PPA (Personal Package Archive), in the style PPAs are used on the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, but hosted by you, on your own terms, either locally or on a server that you have access to and they allow you to distribute packages to hundreds of thousands of possible Arch Linux users.

Android apps run securely on Chrome OS in Linux containers

A developer preview designated M53 will be available in June. A beta version will be available in August, and a production release will be available in September. The developer preview will support Android Marshmallow 6.x, and the beta release will support Android N 7.x


Introducing Mycroft Core – Mycroft

We are releasing Mycroft Core as an alpha to get your feedback and to allow you, the community, to help shape the direction of Mycroft moving forward. We want your help in creating a platform that serves everyone, not just the interest of technology companies. We want to create a platform that respects its users, its developers, and ultimately changes the way that people interact with technology. It’s not a small undertaking – this is a big task – but the open source community should be lead the way.

Linux Academy

Librem 10 – Purism

Everything you need to protect your digital life and your personal data is pre-installed in one convenient, portable, and expandable 11.6″ tablet with a detachable docking keyboard and optional docking station.

Attach your own monitor, keyboard, accessories and Librem transforms into a powerful desktop workstation.

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