Snaps are Go! | LINUX Unplugged 149

Snaps are Go! | LINUX Unplugged 149

Canonical drops a bombshell by making snap packages available for nearly all Linux distributions, Nextcloud has some serious momentum, Samsung is rumored to drop Android in favor of Tizen across all devices & Wes kicks the tires of elementary OS’ new Beta of Loki.

Then we try out Snap packages & discuss needs to happen next to really make them take off as the standard universal Linux installer.



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Follow Up / Catch Up

Nextcloud 9 Available, Enterprise Functionality to be Open Source

Well ahead of the early July promise, today Nextcloud makes available Nextcloud 9. With this release we also announce to release all enterprise functionality as open source. Building on top of the open source ownCloud core and adding functionality and fixes, this release provides a solid base for users to migrate to. All enterprise functionality users and customers need will be made available over the coming weeks, fully developed in the open and under the AGPL license.

After a slow start, Dell turns up the dial on Steam Machines

Samsung Planning To Replace Android With Linux-based Tizen OS On All Smartphones

The largest Android smartphone manufacturer Samsung is considering a shift from Google’s Android mobile operating system. According to a report, the South Korean tech giant is planning to expand its homegrown Tizen OS to all of its devices in future.

The executive said that Samsung launched Samsung Z1 and Z3 in the Indian market to see Tizen’s performance. “Samsung’s Z-branded Tizen-powered phones are popular with Indian consumers. During the first quarter of this year, Samsung sold about 64 million phones there. This means that Tizen is proving its competitiveness,” said the executive.

Apart from smartphones and smartwatches, the Korean giant wants to use Tizen in the Internet of Things applications. The company is soon looking to expand Tizen’s reach to more household devices like cameras, televisions, smart refrigerators etc.


Digging into the dev documentation for APFS, Apple’s new file system

An open source implementation is not available at this time. Apple plans to document and publish the APFS volume format when Apple File System is released in 2017.

you can use MPV to make a Picture in Picture video like the one apple showed off yesterday


Loki Beta is Here

This release brings tons of fixes and new features for both users and developers. Over 20 blueprints were implemented and over 800 issues closed. Time to break it all down and reveal what the future holds for the next version of elementary OS!

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Universal “snap” packages launch on multiple Linux distros

“We hope today’s announcement will be surprising because it’s not about Ubuntu,” Shuttleworth said in a press calls held earlier today.

Ubuntu’s “snappy” new way of packaging applications is no longer exclusive to Ubuntu. Canonical today is announcing that snapd, the tool that allows snap packages to be installed on Ubuntu, has been ported to other Linux distributions including Debian, Arch, Fedora, and Gentoo among others.

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