All By My SELF | LAS 424

All By My SELF | LAS 424

We go back in time and take a look at what you missed at SELF 2016. Plus we’re 1% closer to the Linux Desktop, why Evernote sucks & more!

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Runs Linux

Fireworks RUNS LINUX

A test of the Raspberry Pi sprinkler controller which I’m working on. I’m borrowing it to use as a fireworks controller since it’s just a relay controller.

I’m using a 12V SLA battery to power everything. Battery goes into switch box so that fireworks has a master control safety switch. A cheap switching power supply is used to step down the 12V to 5V for the Pi. The relay boards are controlled by three 74hc595 shift registers.

Desktop App Pick

Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.

  • Notifications
  • Sync Services
  • Lock
  • Don’t Disturb
  • Add Custom Services
  • Reorder and grouping
  • Badges
  • System Tray


K3b -Disk Burning

K3b is a full-featured, easy to use CD and DVD burner, copier, ripper and more.

— NEWS —

End of 32bit machines?

Linux Reaches 2%

Infinity:One is OLPC XO’s bigger, more responsible sibling

Evernote limits free tier to two devices, raises prices 40%

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