Snappy Collaboration | LINUX Unplugged 155

Snappy Collaboration | LINUX Unplugged 155

The devil is in the details & we dive right in when Martin aka Wimpy returns from the Snappy Sprint & shares his experience from his recent trip.

And in light of KeepPass getting an audit by the EU, we ask our Virtual LUG to sound off on the projects they’d audit if given the means & why.

Plus great updates from all around open source & the Starbound server challenge!



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Follow Up / Catch Up

Surround 360 is now open source

Today we officially open-sourced the specs for Surround 360, our high-quality 3D-360 hardware and software video capture system. The open source project includes the hardware camera design and software stitching code that makes end-to-end 3D-360 video capture possible in one system — from shooting to video processing.

We believe making the camera design and stitching code freely available on GitHub will accelerate the growth of the 3D-360 ecosystem — developers will be able to leverage the code, and content creators can use the camera in their productions. Anyone will be able to contribute to, build on top of, improve, or distribute the camera based on these specs.

The fall of Open Source

The moment that Open Source becomes primarily about “my time” is the moment that Open Source is no longer a movement. It is no longer an ideology. It is no longer about fairness, freedom, equality, rights, or the greater good.


ArchStrike Ethical Hacking Linux Operating System Gets Its First ISO Builds

_The ArchStrike 20__16.07.21__ISOs are __available for download today, distributed for 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (i686) hardware architectures, and are the first of their kind,_

OpenBSD 6.0 tightens security by losing Linux compatibility

ost significant among the latest security-related changes for OpenBSD is the removal of Linux emulation support. Prior versions of OpenBSD made it possible to run Linux applications via a compatibility layer, but the release notes for OpenBSD 6.0 indicate the Linux subsystem was removed as a “security improvement.”

DRM Shame and New Rig Troubles | Rover Log 16


Tales from the Sprint

it looks like GNOME Software now supports installation of Flatpak repository files in the .flatpakrepo format, launching of apps using the appstream:// URL, as well as installation of universal binary apps as Snaps.

Linux Academy

KeePass Password Manager is getting a code audit – gHacks Tech News

In light of KeePass and Apache Web server getting an audit, we ask our virtual LUG which projects they’d audit if given the means.

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