Mismatch Patterns in Productivity | CR 216

Mismatch Patterns in Productivity | CR 216

Mike & Chris rip up the thinking behind iPad-only is the new desktop Linux mantra, discuss the date of LaunchKit, announce a new coding challenge & much more!

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Coding Challenge

This Winner Roars To Victory


LaunchKit team heads to Google and open-sources its tools for helping devs launch their apps

The team behind LaunchKit, a set of tools that helps developers launch their apps, is heading to Google and joining the Developer Product Group.

Microsoft’s SwiftKey Suspends Sync After Keyboard Leaks Strangers’ Contact Details

Swiftkey has suspended its cloud-sync service and switched off email address predictions amid reports of Microsoft-owned keyboard app delivering suggestions for strangers’ email addresses and phone numbers.

Puck.js – the ground-breaking bluetooth beacon by Gordon Williams

An Open Source JavaScript microcontroller you can program wirelessly – perfect for IoT! No software needed so get started in seconds.


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