Season 4 Arrives | STOked 90

Season 4 Arrives | STOked 90

The epic update we’ve all been waiting for has landed, but some of us are a bit upset. Bugs, nerfs, and issues oh my! Does all this spell certain doom for STO? Or is the solution to all of Season 4’s issues just a patch away?

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Show Notes:

DTNE Dev Diary #3

Season 4 Patch Notes

We did not get:

  • New tutorials
  • KDF academy
  • Starfleet academy
  • Duty officer system

Known Issues:

  • Foundry Dialogues got EFFED OVER (deleted, broken, unplayable)
  • Intermittent connection issues
  • Some gear scaling swaps did not happen correctly, some of your gear might have been “nerfed” on accident.
  • Auto-Fire in RPG mode was preventing Spring/Roll/etc – Should be Fixed by Tues.
  • Tac Boffs throwing grenades at their feet
  • PVE queue system non-functional (not creating maps)
  • Cannot equip Boffs if you are not in space
  • DStahl’s FAQ / Q&A / OMG

Chatroom’s list of Stuff That Rocks:

  1. Fonts
  2. Textures better
  3. Faster Ground Combat
  4. Borg Adapt
  5. New Ship UI
  6. New Qo’Nos
  7. Kit Powers
  8. Overall Faster UI
  9. aNew Ground Weapon FX
  10. New Ground Sound FX
  11. New C-Store UI
  12. ViVox (TBD)
  13. New Kling Shipyard
  14. Switching Shuttles from UI
  15. New Gorn
  16. New Loading Screens
  17. Warn in Effects
  18. Resizable Boff Power UI
  19. New BOFF Bar

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Gozer reveals Borg Turrets on The Cure:

We are out next week!

J-MAN Productions:

“Little Birdies” – A Tribute to the Klingons

Little birdies
Flown by Klingons
Little birdies made of ticky-tacky
Little birdies blow up easy
Little birdies all the same

There’s green ones
And … green ones
And greener ones
And greenish ones
And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all blow up the same

And the klingons
In the birdies
All went to Kronos Academy
Where they were put in birdies
And they came out all the same

They’re Science
Or tactical
Or engineering specialists
And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all die just the same

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