Meet the Beard | User Error 1

Tiling Window managers, and picking up coding are our main topics this week.

  • (2:00) Chris and Rikai share what they love about No Man’S Sky and their clever hack.
  • (8:45) MacBook Linux, is it better than expected? And why Noah fears it.
  • (22:00) Who is buying high end machines, why do some of them buy Macs?
  • (27:00) Our Adventures with tiling Window Managers
  • (43:10) Introduction to the new show, our ideas and plans for it.
  • (47:00) New features coming to jbot, improvements to our site, new HTML 5 player, and live stream updates.
  • (52:00) Getting an update on Chris and Noah’s coding adventures.
Everyone makes mistakes, we just make show content out of them.

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Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

A programming adventure for Ruby beginners illustrated with cartoon foxes.

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