Just Do It | User Error 2

Chris and Noah’s love for Linux and hate for Windows almost brings them to blows this week, the Beard launches new projects, and we discuss the real value in just getting started.

  • (00:03) The Story of Chris and Noah almost getting in a huge fight.
  • (12:00) Rikai’s Process of Researching a new PC build.
  • (16:33) The Hardware Rikai Chose for his new build.
  • (18:45) Starting a community and hacking around social anxiety.
  • (20:49) One of the core difference between content for a community vs advertising
  • (24:10) Noah’s solution to charging for work, while still staying generous.
  • (25:52) Why Rikai runs Windows.
  • (31:34) What’s bugging Rikai about Windows 10.
  • (32:49) Noah’s up coming trip for LAS.
  • (39:42) Dry Camping with the guy Noah’s switching to Linux.
  • (41:00) Getting the Microsoft Surface to Charge off DC Power.
  • (42:00) Chris goes on a spur of the moment road trip.
  • (46:05) Starting something before you have it all figured out.
  • (46:32) Rikai talks about taking the leap to join JB.

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