Sustainable Laziness | User Error 3

How Focus, cutting back, and rethinking your project can save it. A new rift forming in the Linux community, a serious sweet corn throw down, and some laptop window shopping.

  • (00:00:13) Chris realizes something smells dead, and it might be Rikai.
  • (00:02:07) Special thanks, new rss feeds, and podcatchers.
  • (00:03:26) Chris and Rikai speculate that Noah might be a workaholic.
  • (00:07:33) Working for more than the bottom line.
  • (00:08:15) Rikai’s new Linux servers run Arch, why, and what for.
  • (00:09:30) Was Noah a Windows support guy before starting his own business?
  • (00:16:00) How Noah got started with his own IT practice.
  • (00:21:27) Rikai’s got a new problem, and needs our help.
  • (00:23:28) How do you get to the point where you can hire someone?
  • (00:25:21) How Focus, cutting back, and rethinking your project can save it.
  • (00:30:12) Noah’s hard learned philosophy about starting your own business.
  • (00:30:38) If you want to stick with it, always make it as easy as possible.
  • (00:34:53) Coach vs Sue. The new dangerous rift forming in the Linux community.
  • (00:35:53) A quick summary of the Software Freedom Conservancy general position.
  • (00:36:18) A quick summary of Greg KH, Linus, and other dev’s general position.
  • (00:38:25) The gap between the community and the business side of Linux.
  • (00:40:57) Rikai argues the well is being poisoned.
  • (00:41:41) How the SFC could work with the developers to coach companies.
  • (00:42:38) Noah and a listener grilled up some tasty grub.
  • (00:46:00) Chris and Noah get into a sweet corn throw down.
  • (00:47:24) Hadea makes her first User Error appearance with class and splash.
  • (00:48:22) How to make a compound butter ninja glamping style.
  • (00:51:31) Chris and Rikai play Noah Hardware Bingo.
  • (00:53:00) Noah is interested in a ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW.
  • (00:55:25) The Oryx didn’t work for Noah, what about the The Acer Predator 21X?
  • (01:02:47) Why a laptop docking station is high on Chris’ wish list for next laptop.
  • (01:05:51) Chris share’s one of his total n00b moments when starting JB.

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