We review the new Loki release from elementary OS. One of the most unique distributions, that’s often misunderstood. But how does it hold up for advanced Linux users? Tune in to find out!

We argue about the true value of Let’s Encrypt, celebrate the 10 millionth Raspberry Pi & more!

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Brought to you by: Linux Academy

elementary OS Loki Review

Loki 0.4 Stable Release!

Loki is the newest version of elementary OS, a design-oriented and open source Linux-based operating system for desktops and laptops. It succeeds Freya which was released in April of 2015.

elementary OS Loki is set to launch this week. Jack Wallen chatted with UX Architect Cassidy James Blaede about one of the most elegant Linux desktop distributions to date.


Runs Linux

Desktop App Pick

Teleconsole: Command line tool to share your UNIX terminal and forward local TCP ports to people you trust.

Command line tool to share your UNIX terminal and forward local TCP ports to people you trust.



Keeping your lawn and flowers beautiful doesn’t have to be stressful. OpenSprinkler unchains you from your sprinkler or irrigation control box, enabling you to program, run, or stop zones at any time from anywhere.

New Linux Show: User Error

— NEWS —

Solus Project Outs Budgie Desktop 10.2.7 with Applet Improvements, OSD Support

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Budgie 10.2.7, the last release in our 10.2 series that aims to resolve a multitude of issues as well as land some user experience improvements.

Solus MATE Edition Coming Soon, but You Can Install the MATE Desktop Right Now

“Our MATE desktop is almost completely packaged barring some minor items, and the default configuration is closing on completion, by way of mate-desktop-branding. The remaining items include setting the default panel layout and selecting a keyboard-driven menu applet, as well as fleshing out the selection of software in the default MATE ISO,” says Joshua Strobl.

Hacker Duo Selling GovRAT 2.0 Malware Used for Targeting US Government

Hackers have infected several US military and other government agencies with a stealthy malware called GovRAT, created specifically for spying on high-value targets.

World eats its 10 millionth Raspberry Pi

The Starter Kit is described as “an unashamedly premium product” and is priced at £99.

It contains:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • An 8GB NOOBS SD card
  • An official case
  • An official 2.5A multi-region power supply
  • An official 1m HDMI cable
  • An optical mouse and a keyboard with high-quality scissor-switch action
  • A copy of Adventures in Raspberry Pi Foundation Edition

Mail Bag

Goran J Writes

Subject: HiDPI Support in Linux
Message: Hi Chris and Noah…and Rikai

Today I bought a brand new 28” Samsung UHD monitor so I could enjoy its glorious 4K resolution in my Linux Mint desktop. When I turned on the monitor I was caught by surprise. The image was beautiful and everything was super sharp….and super super tiny at the same time. Searching through the Linux Mint and the nVidia settings I could not find HiDPI option so I can scale my desktop and have a more enjoyable environment. Internet search came back with results that HiDPI in Linux is still not a standard feature. With the amount of 4K display on the market I wonder why. Is there any other Linux Distro that offers HiDPI scaling or I am out of options?

Goran J

Dave M Writes

Subject: Contact other listeners
Message: Hi Guys/Gals!

I often hear Chris mention anecdotes of listeners getting hired into Linux jobs, and I’d like to hire some of them. 🙂

Since there’s no official forum aside from Reddit, and I’m not keen on the idea of posting job listings on Reddit, what would you suggest as a way for me to reach out to JB listeners in the New England area (or willing to move here) that might be looking for a Linux-centric tech job?

Keep up the good work!

Dave M

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