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We experiment with our bodies, get particular about new PC hardware, water cool, geek out about VHF radio, and discuss recent software upgrades to improve our shows.

+ (0:0:03) Chris tries out Soylent 2.0
+ (0:12:08) Noah talk about the best VHF Radio for areas that don’t have mobile signal.
+ (0:15:41) Rikai gives an update on his new PC build.
+ (0:18:04) Noah’s new build that focuses on the CPU to improve LAS video.
+ (0:22:44) Software improvements being made to LAS visual quality.
+ (0:28:11) Rikai’s quick hacks to make WebRTC work for us.
+ (0:30:35) The tool we use for our video visualizer.
+ (0:32:42) Noah’s goes on a mission to make Chicken Digiorn, discovers it does not exist.
+ (0:35:25) Noah offends Rikai, simply because he lives in the future.
+ (0:36:30) Chris passes the 1 year mark living in an RV, reflects on it a bit.
+ (0:38:14) The surprisingly obvious thing Chris never thought about before living in an RV.
+ (0:40:25) Do we find joy in chores, or avoid them like the plague?
+ (0:45:02) Why Noah has no sympathy for his kids.

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