Making it Stick | User Error 5

Killing projects for new projects, working outside your comfort zone, and switching to Linux in a way that sticks.

+ (0:00:44) Why Noah decided to re-do his roof himself, and maybe a lesson we could all learn.
+ (0:05:00) Our thoughts on working with people remotely.
+ (0:10:15) Rikai tries out LibreVault, and nothing works right for him.
+ (0:13:25) Why we decided to end Tech Talk Today, when to kill a project, and why.
+ (0:20:27) The straw that broke the camels back.
+ (0:22:10) Why JB needs more hosts, and Chris doing less shows.
+ (0:23:35) Noah realizes he might have a solution, and new show idea for JB.
+ (0:26:47) A new show is born live on the air, and we make immediate plans to try the idea out.
+ (0:31:44) Rikai PC Build Update: What could he do with Linux that would excite him, and make it stick?
+ (0:33:00) The only two types of SSD’s Noah will buy. OK maybe three.
+ (0:35:30) One of our favorite Linux kick’s ass examples.
+ (0:39:27) Chris’ 360 approach to getting Rikai to stay on Linux.
+ (0:43:00) A guaranteed way to switching: Solve a problem.
+ (0:46:38) Noah’s backup Rikai ambush plans, which leads us to a battle of Stay-wake and 3am leaks.

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