Eve Meltdown | MMOrgue 9

Eve Meltdown | MMOrgue 9

The ENTIRE WORLD of online gaming erupted in a massive conflagration of hate, bile, controversy and intrigue, and naturally it was EVE Online that was to blame for it all. It seems like any time a major newsworthy meltdown occurs, this sandbox space simulator is the culprit behind the uprising.

On today’s MMOrgue, we’ve brought on a veteran EVE player as a correspondent to cover the highs and lows of the launch of the Incarna expansion, and editorialize on what CCP did so very, very wrong.

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And now, on to EVE!

List of ignominious CCP quotes:

Leaked pdf: “Greed is Good”
Confirmation of authenticity: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1536065&page=5#126

Dev Blog response:

Devs fly CSM players out to Iceland:
Statements from each side:

My thoughts:
It seems, to an outsider, that the purpose of the Aurum store was to allow players to circumvent the ISK:PLEX exchange, and shortcut the economy straight from RL money to in-game items.
This, on a certain level, makes sense.
The issues arose from rumors of new Aurum-only items, and the feeling that allowing cash-purchased items devalues the time-based skill investments of long-time players.
TIME is the ultimate currency. In a way, every MMO is just a complicated barter system for your time investment.
With the widespread shift to F2P+CashShop mechanics, will this have a lasting impact, or will it be looked back on as a “silly debate”?

An Aurum-incentivized viral marketing campaign:


Tease of the Week:
According to Paul Darrow (well-known voice actor) his work on SWTOR will be published by Christmas
Add this to a rumor I’d heard that the SWTOR Razer gaming peripherals will be released in November… it’s looking like a pretty solid launch date for this much-hyped title.
But jeez… that’s still 6 months away! pout

Next week:
Hellgate and MORE!

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