What is Software Defined Networking (SDL) & why is it a major focus for The Linux Foundation? We visit the OpenDayLight Summit & discover how the open source philosophy applied to networking is transforming an industry.

Plus the big Kodi crackdown in the UK, Purism want’s to build a Librem Phone, our picks, feedback & more!

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— Show Notes: —


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Highlights of OpenDayLight Summit

  • OpenDaylight Summit brings together users, developers and the SDN community to discuss, debate and demonstrate the latest technologies and trends in open networking.

  • The OpenDayLight Summit was Hands down one of the best coordinated, decorated, and fed events. Always a winner with IT pros.

  • After walking the floor, we sat in on some sessions to absorb as much information as we could… Which left us a little hungry

  • How OpenDayLight enables little guys to compete with the big networking Enterprises, and historic collaboration in the Telco Industry that OpenDayLight is driving

Interview with Neela Jacques (Executive Director of OpenDayLight)

As OpenDaylight’s executive director, Nicolas “Neela” Jacques works with the OpenDaylight community to advance SDN and NFV with a developer-driven open source platform for products and technologies that expand the intelligence, programmability and performance of network infrastructures. He oversees and provides guidance for all aspects of the project, from governance and technology to community and marketing and reports to the OpenDaylight board of directors.

  • Part 2

OpenDayLight Platform

A community-led, open, industry-supported platform, consisting of code and blueprints for accelerating adoption of SDN, and fostering new innovation.


Film World, Runs Linux

Desktop App PickModem Manager GUI

Many people have written in and asked “how did you get your modem in your thinkpad to work” This is the software needed to activate the modem under linux

Modem Manager GUI is frontend for ModemManager daemon able to control specific modem functions.

Main features:

  • GTK3 interface
  • Send and receive SMS messages with messages concatenation
  • Send USSD request and receive answer in system encoding
  • Get modem and SIM information (Device info, Operator name, Mode, IMEI, IMSI/ESN, Signal level)
  • Scan available mobile networks
  • Control data transmission process and set session traffic and time limits
  • WAN Modem: Sierra EM7455



Talked about before, formally SFLPhone.

Ring is free software for universal communication which respects freedoms and privacy of its users.

Powered Linux Unplugged Last Tuesday

— NEWS —

Kodi boxes are now a key target in the UK government’s piracy crackdown

It’s an international racket, according to the government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) annual crime report.

Piracy fighters battle Kodi ‘epidemic’ – BBC News

“This is becoming an epidemic,” Kieron Sharp, director general of Fact, told the BBC.

“If you are not paying for Sky, BT or one of the pay-TV providers for your subscription channels, you are clearly in possession of an illegal box.”

The UK’s IP Crime Report 2015/16 has just been published, revealing infringement trends gathered from both governmental and private anti-piracy groups. This year in the online piracy sector IPTV/Kodi, torrent sites and stream ripping are seen as the main threats.

Meanwhile, the report reveals that pirating Internet subscribers will be receiving warning letters before the end of the year.

Middlesbrough trader Brian Thompson appeared in court, accused of selling equipment that “facilitated the circumvention” of copyright protection measures.

Add-on:Jupiter Broadcasting – Official Kodi Wiki

Purism Is Still Hoping To Build A GNU/Linux Free Software Librem Smartphone – Phoronix

Purism, the startup behind the Librem laptops with a focus on free software and user privacy/freedom, still has their minds set on coming up with a GNU/Linux smartphone.

This phone will be based around these tenets, coherent with our philosophy:

  • Free Software with a bona fide GNU+Linux stack (not Android)
  • Protecting your privacy
  • Digital security
  • Avoiding corporate wiretapping
  • Freedom-respecting hardware
  • Starting with the essentials and evolving the product offering through its software and infrastructure
  • Releasing the schematics of the hardware, encouraging participation at all levels and allowing you to independently audit the integrity of your hardware
  • Breaking the cycle of planned obsolescence imposed by most manufacturers


Mail Bag

Name: Nehemiah D.

Subject: Zoho vs Zurmo

Message: Noah mentioned Zoho CRM, and I didn’t see that it was open source. Odoo is open source and beautiful. Consider it.

I didn’t reccomend Zoho I said http://zurmo.org/

Name: Gordan

Subject: Heads up on QNAP before you Dive in

Message: Hi Chris ‘n’ Noah

Just listened to this week’s LAS and my ears pricked up when I heard your enthusiasm for an upcoming QNAP device you are getting for review. Thought I would drop you a line with my experience of using their kit. We have three of their rackmount TS series NAS units (2 x 8 disk and 1 x 4 disk devices). We used them for relatively inexpensive archive storage as well as an onsite backup device and an off-site replication copy. Primary storage is on DELL iSCSI SANs.

We used them with 6TB WD Reds until recently after losing data on them for around the 20th time
Quite regularly the volumes would drop offline despite the disks showing as healthy. Typically QNAP support would log into the devices and run an FSCK repair which would take several days. Sometimes this would work and sometimes it wouldn’t, requiring us to completely rebuild the units and restore data to them.
Earlier this year we replaced the first unit with a thrown together FreeNas box. We noticed an instant improvement in performance and it hasn’t faltered once. We have since replaced the other two backup devices with similar improvements and have just replaced one of the Dell iSCSI SANs with a FreeNas box which out-performs the Dell with much cheaper disks.
My current project I have just built a Proxmox cluster with a full SSD FreeNas and 10Gbe iSCSI interconnects. It boots to a Windows 2012 server desktop in 2 seconds! (Not my choice of OS but obviously it does Linux really well too).

Hope my experience of QNAP will encourage you to be cautious with any data you trust them with.

Keep up the sterling work!

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