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Follow Up / Catch Up

Dial Up Linux | LUP 164

In this special edition of Unplugged we do away with the traditional format & take calls LIVE on the air for free. Some say the advice is worth what you pay for it!

KDE – KDE at 20: Plasma 5.8 LTS. Here for the Long Term.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016. Today KDE releases its first Long Term Support edition of its flagship desktop software, Plasma. This marks the point where the developers and designers are happy to recommend Plasma for the widest possible audience be they enterprise or non-techy home users. If you tried a KDE desktop previously and have moved away, now is the time to re-assess, Plasma is simple by default, powerful when needed.

Tor Users Might Soon Have a Way to Avoid Those Annoying CAPTCHAs

“In essence, the protocol allows a user to solve a single CAPTCHA and in return learn a specified number of tokens that are blindly signed that can be used for redemption instead of witnessing CAPTCHA challenges in the future,”

Introducing PIXEL – Raspberry Pi

Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight”.

The Raspbian + PIXEL image is available from the Downloads page on our website now.


Jahshaka VR alpha release | Jahshaka

We have finally managed to release the alpha version of the Jahshaka VR authoring toolkit under the GPL and wanted to invite people to jump in, look at the code and help out. We have been working on it for 6 months now and its starting to stabilize.

Unsafe at any clock speed: Linux kernel security needs a rethink

“That’s not acceptable anymore,” he added, “and in a similar fashion the Linux kernel needs to deal with attacks in a manner where it actually is expecting them and actually handles gracefully in some fashion the fact that it’s being attacked.”

What are the things that you would change about Linux?

GitHub Audio

This website tracks events happening across GitHub and converts them to music notes based on certain parameters.

There are three types of sounds(bell, string pluck and string swell) based on four types of events(PushEvent, PullRequestEvent, IssuesEvent and IssueCommentEvent).
Bells represent PushEvents, string plucks represent IssuesEvents and IssueCommentEvents whereas string swells represent PullRequestEvents.


Wes and Chris Take a Trip


An SDN Controller in SDN is the “brains” of the SDN network, relaying information to switches/routers ‘below’ (via southbound APIs) and the applications and business logic ‘above’ (via northbound APIs). Recently, as organizations deploy more SDN networks, SDN Controllers have been tasked with federating between SDN Controller domains, using common application interfaces, like OpenFlow and open virtual switch database (OVSDB).

Linux Academy

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