We flunk and debunk the Joel test, and ponder the long tail of coder interviews gone wrong, Apple’s removal of Dash, KDevelop on windows & more!

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Debate Night Live with Mike and Chris:


Just shut up and let your devs concentrate, advises Stack Overflow CEO Joel Spolsky

If you want to attract and keep developers, don’t emphasize ping-pong tables, lounges, fire pits and chocolate fountains. Give them private offices or let them work from home, because uninterrupted time to concentrate is the most important and scarcest commodity.

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Why I hate iOS as a developer m

Dealing with iOS (and really Apple in general) is like trying to have a conversation with a paranoid robot working as a soviet border officer in a Kafka novel.

Apple Has Removed Dash from the App Store

Earlier today, Apple cancelled my developer account and has removed Dash from the App Store.

KDevelop for Windows: Official 5.0.1 beta installer available now | KDevelop

Today, we are happy to announce the availability of the first official KDevelop installer for Microsoft Windows. The installer is for the stable KDevelop 5.0.1 release, but we still release it as a beta, since there might be Windows-specific issues.

We primarily support C/C++ development, but also have great plugins for Python and PHP development (shipped in the Windows installer by default).

KDevelop itself is based on a plugin-based architecture where language support as such is just yet another plugin. There are other plugins (cppcheck, clang-tidy, etc.) not distributed on Windows (yet).

Congressional App Challenge 2016 – Connecting today’s Congress with tomorrow’s coders.

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