A Perfectly Fine Gun | User Error 6

Should Linux users expect sacrifices? A Linux soft spot, learning lessons from those who came before you, the best and most rational discussion about guns you’ve ever heard, we debate if its irresponsible to drive a car, and the secret killer that might rip us apart.

+ (00:00:45) The Beard has been typecast 6 episodes in. All Noah’s fault.
+ (00:05:05) Chris calls out Noah for implying Linux is a weak competitor on the desktop.
+ (00:07:00) A online media is a difficult market for Linux to compete in.
+ (00:14:30) The dark secret of the Jupiter Broadcasting network.
+ (00:15:45) Noah walks into a bar, and ends up at a radio station.
+ (00:19:00) Taking a note from the old school could be a game changer.
+ (00:20:15) Introducing User Error’s Diamond Collection.
+ (00:21:45) Noah’s big revelation about guns, after becoming a firearm instructor.
+ (00:23:07) Noah’s three simple rules about guns that he follows 100% of the time.
+ (00:24:00) The Beard share’s his background with guns.
+ (00:26:11) Chris shares his experience around Noah and guns.
+ (00:26:50) Why Chris enjoys watching the gun debate, and what he feel’s it might really be about.
+ (00:29:00) How the Beard does not feel the need to own a gun for his own protection.
+ (00:30:10) The recent semi-dangerous moment Chris almost wished he owned a gun.
+ (00:32:30) There are some situations where Noah see’s no dilemma in owning a gun and using it.
+ (00:33:43) The Beard finds a major correlation between guns and cars.
+ (00:34:10) Why the Beard feels it’s irresponsible to be behind the wheel of a car, and chooses not to drive.
+ (00:35:30) Chris (like most of us?) truly believes he’s the best driver on the road, and Noah REALLY agrees.
+ (00:38:12) The Beard makes the case to wait for the robots to drive.
+ (00:42:00) What “rights” to US citizens have to guns? And why the words matter.
+ (00:44:45) Why food might just be what breaks us up.

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