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We hack storage limitations, abuse review units, cure infections, and ponder why geeks don’t think more about Amazon’s Could services that are better/cheaper than Google and Dropbox.

+ (00:00:23) – Noah figures out how to Facebook, we all could lean from him.
+ (00:02:25) – Amazon’s Cloud services are better/cheaper than Google and Dropbox, why don’t we consider them?
+ (00:04:59) – The Beard throws shade on Amazon services under Linux.
+ (00:06:15) – Twitch Prime is Amazon’s biggest thing that no one is talking about.
+ (00:08:05) – Amazon’s mobile apps suck really bad.
+ (00:10:00) – A bit about Amazon Prime Backup.
+ (00:13:02) – Would you trust your data to a $38 drive?
+ (00:16:01) – Noah goes REALLY all in on Ask Noah, a new show is inbound. Born right here.
+ (00:19:51) – Automatic and Automatic Pro review. Hack your car.
+ (00:34:45) – The qnap review unit arrives soon, and we have 12tb of plans.
+ (00:39:41) – More on Amazon, and their plan to destroy YouTube.
+ (00:47:59) – Chris was too busy for the doctor, so he cured his own infection.
+ (00:49:30) – Beard confirms, JB has been balls to the walls for months straight, and its getting nuts.
+ (00:50:10) – Chris kicks his own ass, hard.
+ (00:54:45) – That time Chris stepped on a nail before a live event.

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